F One Matira Freewave


Delivered in their bag and equiped with new double action pump for an easy and fast inflation, the F-One Matira SUP simply are the easiest way to go and explore any strech of water around you. An incredible technology developed by inflatable boat and canoe manufacturers.

The Lightweight Seiries with their central reinforcement strip, are lighter and will be even easier to carry around. They will also be more maneuverable in waves and faster on the water.

The Super Stiff Series feature a reinforcement layer which extends further than on the Lightweight Series making them stiffer and even more resistant to impacts.



Product Description

Length Width Volume Price Construction
8’5″ 32″ 170L $989 Lightweight
8’5″ 32″ 170L $1,189 Super Stiff

F-ONE MATIRA 2016 from F-ONE SUP on Vimeo.



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