14’0″ Starboard All Star


Starboard’s design team faces many challenges; the toughest, staying ahead the design curve for their Race Team.
Every season Starboard provide some of the world’s most decorated paddlers with new designs; boards that have evolved. These designs need to be slightly ahead of the athlete. Feedback from the sport’s most progressive athletes including Brian Szymanski, John Becker, Bart de Zwart, Connor Baxter, Annabel Anderson and Zane Schweitzer created the design for the 14’0″ All Star.


The 2015 All Stars have more width up front in combination with more pronounced bottom concaves; this increases the stability and allows us to ride narrower, faster boards. A benefit of a narrowrr hull other than less friction, is that the paddle comes closer to the board and creates a more efficient power transfer also allowing for more strokes per side. The lower tail and nose rocker improves acceleration into bumps and makes it especially easy to connect to the next wave. The flat water speed is also noticeably improved with the enhanced rocker line which creates a longer, effective waterline.

The 2015 14’0″ All Star comes in three sizes, and two constructions.  For the average recreational racer, we have found the 28″ wide All Star to be incredibly quick *and* stable.  A fast race board that is also stable and versitile enough to be used in Northern California downwind conditions!  This is a combination that we love, and can highly recommend the All Star to fit that bill.  Come in and demo our 28″ All Star anytime!

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