Starboard Pro Surf Series


The “Pro” Surf Series of surf SUPs from Starboard is the hallmark of progressive surf shapes.  Featuring the same pulled in nose and small squash tail that you would expect to see in a six-foot-something surfboard, the Pro series is designed to surf like a shortboard surfboard to every extend possible.  The Pro series features seven different board sizes, but all (even including the largest 9’8″) are very progressive and high performance surf SUPs.

Each board features a similar, very curvy outline, and a similar, aggressive rocker.  Beyond that, however, each size is a little differnet in terms of bottom contours, and of course dimensions.

Below are the seven different versions of the Pro Surf Series.  Click on the link for any of the sizes to learn more.  Honestly, it’s insane how many high-performance surf shape SUPs are in the entire Starboard line up.  This staple of high-performance surfing is the best example.  Their surf shape selection is three times what any other major manufacturer offers, and the cutting edge performance of their paddle surf team riders certainly reflects this.


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