Quickblade Flyweight Carbon/Fiberglass


Quickblade’s Flyweight paddle is designed specifically for lighter riders. The smaller blade, at 83 square inches of surface area, is perfectly suited for smaller paddlers – be they women or kids. The shaft diameter is also reduced, making the paddle fit more easily and naturally into the grip of a smaller palm. Combined, the smaller blade and shaft make the paddle incredibly light. The ergonomic molded grip is more function than form, making it easy on the hands. And even if you’re not an upcoming pro, this paddle will make you feel like one.

The Flyweight carbon shaft, fiberglass blade has a maximum rider weight of 155 pounds. ┬áThe carbon shaft means the paddle is slightly lighter and stiffer than it’s Flyweight fiberglass shaft counterpart.

The paddle blade is available in several solid colors and several abstract colors. We strive to keep all colors in stock at all times.


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