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Black Project

Black Project Ohana Reflex Adjustable 3pcs

Black Project Ohana Reflex Adjustable 3pcs

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Lightweight, Durable 3-peice Travel SUP Paddle For Easy Storage & Travel

Our 3-Piece SUP Travel Paddle range is designed for paddlers who want the performance of a 1-piece paddle but the convenience of three pieces. This is an ideal companion to your iSUP.

Our innovative 3-piece SUP travel paddles are lighter, stronger & pack smaller than other paddles.

Thanks to our secure join system our joints have zero movement delivering 1-piece performance in a paddle which you can pack easily for storage or travel.

With anti-twist adjustment it is easy to change the length of your paddle on the water. 3-piece SUP paddles are Ideal for paddlers with inflatable paddle boards or limited storage space.

Available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable the Ohana caters to all paddlers in all conditions.

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