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Black Project

Black Project Hydro FlowX (Standard)

Black Project Hydro FlowX (Standard)

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The Hydro FlowX SUP paddle is a game-changer. The fastest and lightest paddle we’ve ever built for medium to long-distance, the Hydro FlowX delivers a reimagined paddling experience that is smoother, easier, and ultimately faster – especially over longer distances.

The neck of the blade features an innovative design – Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) – that reduces turbulence to significantly increase paddle efficiency and enhance smoothness. The Deep Power Scoop (DPS) on the blade face works in harmony with our AFT to deliver increased power in a more controlled and fluid stroke. Additionally, the moderate blade angle of 9.3° makes for a slightly easier catch.

The result is a first-of-its-kind, three-dimensional paddle design that enables you to paddle faster, for longer, with less effort while protecting your body from injury. The extreme speed and endurance capabilities of this paddle were demonstrated by Niek van der Linde, who used the HydroFlowX to set the 24-hour SUP distance world record – paddling 204 kilometers (126 miles) in 24 hours at the 2021 SUP11City Nonstop race.

To achieve the optimal balance, flex, and weight ratios, we overhauled our construction and introduced new materials with a redesigned carbon layup. Despite having a higher blade volume, the Hydro FlowX is approximately 4% lighter (starting at 340 gr. / 12 oz.) than an equivalent size of the original Hydro, thanks to its TEXCARBON 30T construction.

We set out to make the most technologically advanced paddle which would revolutionize the way people think about paddles altogether – The Hydro FlowX is that paddle.


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