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Foil Drive

Foil Drive Two Blade Propeller Hub Set

Foil Drive Two Blade Propeller Hub Set

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Looking to reach maximum performance, durability and style? The Aluminium Propellers are the ultimate upgrade. These 5 Axis CNC Machined blades increase the usability of your Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS thanks to their refined shape, thinner, stronger and sleeker design.

Ultimate durability comes from the stiffness, preventing flex when under load and providing an increase in thrust and torque throughout the power range. Durability being incredibly important when offshore, never to be left with a damaged prop due to debris.
For ultimate performance, these propellers must only be used with the included Nylon Hub, designed to further improve hydrodynamics as water passes over the motor can, and through the blades.

- Not compatible with Foil Drive Assist. While they do fit, these propellers require the higher RMP of the Assist PLUS in order to improve performance.
- Only available to Foil Drive Assist PLUS owners.
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