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Paddle Surf Hawaii (PSH)

Paddle Surf Hawaii Ripper

Paddle Surf Hawaii Ripper

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All new Ripper Stand Up Paddle Board design was initially started with the idea to create faster downwind boards. However, very early on it became apparent this design was not only made for faster paddling, the design was very well suited for surfing waves.


Elevate your surfing game

Its wide and stable shape ensures smooth water paddling, while the performance-driven bottom contours make it excel in small to medium-sized waves. 

Crafted with precision using cutting-edge Bamboo Veneer Technology, this lightweight and premium-quality board offers a seamless fusion of strength, style, and sustainability.

Unleashing the perfect wave-riding experience.

Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
7'11'' 26'' 4'' 90
8'6'' 28'' 4.25'' 111
8'11'' 29'' 4.25'' 120
9'6'' 30'' 4.25'' 132
9'11'' 31'' 4.5'' 151


Defining performance and versatility on the waves!

This exceptional board is designed to ignite your passion for surfing and push your boundaries to new heights. Experience the perfect harmony of style, versatility, and performance as you ride the waves with confidence. Unleash your inner surfer and embrace the amazing world of wave-riding with the Ripper - Wood Veneer.

Hard board

Unmatched durability and a exceptional performance


Improves aquatic agility, enhancing the joy of your journey


Unwavering stability for effortless paddling in all conditions

Premium Product

Artfully designed with meticulous attention to materials


Discover our exclusive Bamboo Veneer Technology!

Embrace the fusion of artistry and with our meticulously crafted Ripper - Wood Veneer.

Delve into the intricate layers of sustainably sourced bamboo, expertly combined with cutting-edge construction techniques. Experience the pinnacle of durability, performance, and eco-conscious design.

Elevate your paddleboarding experience with our unique Bamboo Veneer Technology!


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