7th Annual Used Board Sale

SAT Oct. 29th – SUN Oct. 30th

Join us for the 2016 Used Board Sale and Community Swap Meet.

In addition to the boards listed below, come on by to save on gear, merchandise and more!

New and Used Paddles at 20-60% off retail prices.

All Rainbow sandals -40% off. 

All Kaenon sunglasses -40% off.

Select Apparel, Wetsuits (Dakine, Body Glove, Manera) up to 50% off.

REMEMEBER – You must be here to get in on the savings, We can not reserve or hold any gear ahead of the sale, if you’re going to be out of town, call in the day of, or have a friend stop by !

In addition, we will once again be holding our “Customer’s Used Board Parking Lot Sale“. Do you have a stand up or prone paddle board you want to sell?  Extra SUP gear taking up space in your garage? Just drop it off at our sale and we’ll take care of the rest ! (Please allow time to fill out our agreement form)

Used BoardsRetail PriceSale PriceCondition
11’6" Riviera Original$949$780★★★★★
12’6" Voyager$1,100$950★★★★★
8’10" Glide$1,799$1,399★★★★
7’11" Madeiro Pro$2,119$1,150★★★★★
8’3" Madeiro$1,629$1,200★★★★★★
8’5" Madeiro$1,599$1,299★★★★
8’8" Madeiro$1,649$1,279★★★★
9’1" Anakao $1,839$1,289★★★★★★
9’0" Manawa$1,639$1,239★★★★★★
9’6" Manawa$1,719$1,269★★★★★★
10’0" Manawa$1,789$1,189★★★★
11’0" Nalu$1,999$1,399★★★★★★
9’8" Gun$2.999$1,500★★★★★★
7’10" Airborn$3,000SOLD★★★★★
8’5" Pro Surf$3,199$2,399★★★★★★
9’5" Wide Point Wood (2015)$1,995SOLDNEW
9’5" Wide Point$1,249$874★★★
9’5" Whopper$1,249$874★★★
10’0" Whopper$1,349$899★★★
11’2" Avanti starshot$1,399SOLD★★★★★★
10’5" Drive$1,299$899★★★★
11’2" Blend$1,649$1,199★★★★★
9’5" Fish$1,599$949★★★★
10’6" Bully$1,199SOLD★★★★★
Race Boards
Starboard Race$3,399$2,499NEW
F-One Pro Race Blue 26"$2,999$1,800★★★★★
F-One Pro Race 26"$2,999$2,000★★★★★★
F-One Pro Race 28"$2,999$2,000★★★★★★
Surftech Bark Downwinder$2,399$1,800★★★★★
SIC X14 Pro$2,799$1,995★★★★
SIC 14 FX Pro$2,899$2,100NEW
SIC F16$3,599$1,599★★★★★★
SIC 12’6" FX Pro$2,699$2,160NEW
Surftech 12’6" Contender$2,249$1,250★★★★
F-One 12’ Prone Carbon$2,299$1,700NEW
Surftech 10’6 Sprint$1,699$1,150★★★★★

New Boards on Sale

New BoardsRetail PriceSale Price
7’6" Whirling Dervish$999$799
8’0" Whirling Dervish$999$799
11’0" Ron House$1,695$1,050
12’6" Fish On$1,600$1,299
14’0" RP race$2,599$1,599
8’0" Carve $1,799$1,550
8’4" Carve$1,799$1,550
8’6" Glide$1,799$1,550
8’10" Glide$1,799$1,550
10’4" Glide$1,799$1,550
8’3" Madeiro$1,699$1,399
8’5" Madeiro$1,599$1,299
8’8" Madeiro Pro$2,249$1,649
9’1" Anakao$1,839$1,539
9’5" Anakao$1,879$1,579
9’6" Manawa$1,719SOLD
10’0" Manawa$1,789$1,439
10’6" Manawa$1,859SOLD
10’6" Manawa ASC$1,299$1,179
11’0" Matira Inflatable$1,239$1,119
12’6" Race Bamboo$2,449$1,999
14’0" Pro Race 28"$2,999$2,350
12’0" Stock Prone$2,299$1,700