F One Manawa

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The 4 boards of the Manawa range enable everyone to find their own fit in terms of volume/length ratio. Ideal for the beginners and intermediate riders, the Manawa will follow you along your learning process and not disappoint with capabilities. With its rounded outline and proven rocker line, the Manawa glides easily through the water and is even able to surf smaller waves. Thanks to its great stability the Manawa will guide you easily during your first surfs and will forgive your mistakes. When acquiring more skills, you will still be impressed by its responsiveness- expect to have a lot of fun!

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Product Description

Length Width Volume Price Construction
9’0″ 31.5″ 148L $1,639 Bamboo
9’6″ 32.5″ 165L $1,719 Bamboo
10’0″ 33″ 185L $1,789 Bamboo
10’6″ 33″ 196L $1,859 Bamboo