• SALE – KT Drifter Wake

    20% OFF on selected Quatro Board available in store, call for more info

    The Drifter W is a Wake / Kite crossover. Shorter lengths and smaller volumes make for easy pumping and control at speed when being towed and riding the wake.

    A slight concave deck delivers a more connected feeling to your feet. It acts like a skateboard deck where you always find something to push on when turning and pumping.

    KT Surfing’s signature Quad Concave Bottom with beveled rails and concaves in the bevels are optimized for the softest and quickest touchdown and release.

    Cutouts have been introduced for less surface area and to make the board feel smaller than it is. A beveled tail further softens the takeoff and release.

    The construction is built around an EPS core with Carbon and Glass laminate encompassing the deck and bottom. Specific reinforcements create a zero-lag symbiosis with the foil.

    All sizes come with inserts and pads, but without straps.

    Carbon & Glass Construction.

    Available in 4’0”, 4’4” feet.

    Track Box.

    Sapphire Yellow.

  • SALE – Quatro Wing Drifter

    20% OFF on selected Quatro Board available in store, call for more info

    The all new Wing Drifter Pro is uncompromisingly dedicated to Wing-foiling and Sup-foiling. Its key perk lies in a super compact build, paired with high volume and a wide shape.

    The deck is flat for constant volume flow and comfort as well as efficiency in pumping high aspect wings. The bottom features quad concaves for quick touch down and lift off, as well as a beveled tail for a softer release and less abrupt motion when touching down in the back. The bevel also reduces the water line while offering sufficient volume while floating. The rails are beveled for softer release and touch down.

    The Wing Drifter Pro features an EPS Core with a Carbon and Glass laminate deck and bottom, incorporating lavish foil specific reinforcements.

    All sizes come with inserts, pads and straps.

    Pro Carbon & Glass Construction.

    Available in 5’2”, 5’4”, 5’6”, 5’8”, 6’0” feet.

    Track Box.

    Deep Blue.

  • SALE Armstrong A-Wing

    $895 – $1095

    20% to 30% on Armstrong wings and foils, call for availability


    Each step of the development process we were searching for the ideal balance between power and feel while reducing leading edge flex to a minimum.

    The A Wing is powerful! This is primarily because the aerofoil section has been carefully developed so meter for meter the A-Wing is one of the most powerful wings on the market.

    The solid airframe of the A-Wing is the second ingredient to power and performance.

    We refined the A-Wing design to be well balanced in a wide range of conditions. It is strong in terms of construction and durability but as light as possible in design for that perfect balance.


    • The leading edge and strut have Aramid reinforced cloth on all high load and stress points.
    • Internal tape reinforces all seams on the leading edge and strut.
    • Double layer of Dacron and Aramid cloth reinforces the strut to leading edge connection.
    • High volume inflate and deflate valves make setup and pack down a breeze. The leading edge and the strut, inflate and deflate separately.


    • Leading edge and struts… Dimension Polyant Dacron (Germany)
    • Sail… Teijin T9669 D3 (Japan)


    The A-Wing comes complete with Carry Bag, Wrist Leash, Repair kit, Manual and in three optimized sizes, 3.5m($895) 4.5m ($995) and 5.5m ($1095).

  • SALE Armstrong Carving Freeride Foil Kit

    $1,949.00 – 2,159.00

    20% to 30% OFF on selected Armstrong item in store, call for availability

    Carving Freeride Foil Kit

    The CF Foil Kit delivers the perfect combination of performance, stability and rail to rail carve-ability to take your foiling to the next level.

    Wing Dimensions and prices

    800 – $1,949.00
    1200 – $1,999.00
    1600 – $1,999.00
    2400 – $2,159.00

    kit comes complete with…

    4 Titanium T-nuts + 4 Bi Directional Titanium Washers + mast top screw set + foil screw set + Torx tool + protective mast and wing covers + carry bag.

    Price may vary depending the options.

  • SALE Armstrong High Speed Foil Kit

    $1,949.00 – $2,099.00

    20% to 30% OFF on selected Armstrong item in store, call for availability

    The High Speed Foil Kit is super responsive and stable.
    No sales pitch is necessary with this Foil kit.
    Buy it, you’ll love it.

     Tech Specs
    • 12 Month Manufacture Warranty on all parts
    • High end carbon construction with amazing quality control
    • Modular “Future-Proof” design makes it pack up easily and ensures that your foil will still work when new wings come out
    • Fuselage has a titanium rod as the core with 5mm carbon wrap
    • Wing construction is high-density foam core which is encapsulated in Aramid cloth before being wrapped with 100% High Modulus Carbon
    • Mast construction starts with multi-piece hardwood core, “secret” carbon lay up base layers, Aramid layers for strength and then 100% carbon cloth wrap

    Price may vary depending the options.

  • SALE F-One Rocket Surf 4’6″

    20% OFF, Limited stock, call for availabiliy

    Specifically designed for surf-foiling, the Rocket surf range has all you need to make the most of your foil.

    • Specifically designed for surf-foiling
    • Easy take-off and high performance during flight
    • Twin-tracks setup

    Once in the air, shorter board length translates directly into more maneuverability and a more efficient pumping. However you still need enough volume to take the waves, so we have placed maximum volume under the chest in order to provide an easy paddling and take-off. The round outline allows an even volume distribution on a very compact board which brings stability both in the water and in the air.

    The board is easily maneuverable thanks to its compact shape and narrow tail. The distinctive kick-tail and pronounced double concave provide an easy release, even if the board touches the water while flying.

    We have designed a concave deck to lower the center of gravity and bring the feet closer to the foil, it allows a better board control once in the air. It also helps passing your knees and feet while taking-off.

    Rockets are built with a light and tough bamboo sandwich laminate around a lightweight EPS core, thereby achieving a great resistance to weight ratio and a great performance while riding and pumping around.

    We use very thin pads in order to respect the shape at most. The boards come with a tail pad, while a front pad is included as an accessory which can be fitted on or not, depending on personal preferences.

    All boards are fitted with a US track system to accommodate any foil with a 4-bolt top plate.

  • SALE F-One Rocket Wing

    $1,200.00 – $2,319.00

    20% OFF on all Rocket Wing V2 in store, call for availability

    The F-ONE ROCKET WING boards have been created specifically to foil with a Surf Wing like the F-ONE SWING.

    • Dedicated Wing Foil Shape
    • Intuitive and very Stable
    • Great for Carving and Pumping

    Wing surfing is one of the most exhilarating ways of flying above the water. The freedom allowed by the handheld wing is amazing. Once you’ve learned how to use it, there are many reasons to opt for a dedicated Wing foilboard to best enjoy your Wing surf foiling.

    Our experience on wing foiling shows that after using our SUP Foil we could quickly switch to smaller boards. The surf foil boards on the other hand have proved to be quite extreme. Therefore we felt the need for a new type of shapes for wing surfing.

    We have created a new range of wing boards with a wide range of volumes to make it possible for most riders to stand-up easily as well making sure that riding back to the shore is possible, even when the wind drops. Their dimensions and shapes are unique and specific to the practice.

    Using the foil actively to create your motion is one of the biggest thrills of wing surf foiling. To ensure you can make the best use of your foil, we have created boards that will help you carve better on the swell, connect the bumps and enjoy your session.

    Compared to a larger board, the ROCKET WING has:

    • Reduced bulk size and reduced weight
    • Better balance, natural stance
    • Improved maneuverability and responsiveness
    • Pumping becomes more efficient and direct
    • Easier transportation and travel

    All these advantages directly translate a lot more possibilities on the water.

    Using some straight rocker lines for an easy take-off and a wide tail outline for an optimized volume distribution, the ROCKET WING boards feature a sharp beveled rail profile to make the release easier during take-off and the touch-down smoother when the board hits the water again. In other words, you will be up and flying in no time and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water.

    The ROCKET WING boards are equipped with a recessed handle for easy carrying, a full pad for comfort and with the twin track system on the bottom to connect with most foils on the market (4-bolt plate system). They are built with F-ONE’s proven bamboo construction with a double layer on deck for added resistance.

    If flying a Surf Wing is your new foiling style, the ROCKET WING boards are the perfect matching ride.

  • SALE F-One Strike V1

    $842 – $1,419

    30% on all Strike V1 available in store, call for availability

    F-ONE brings breakthrough design with the brand-new STRIKE wing and its innovative concept.
    Wingfoiling is now a real sport

    • Impressive stability and balance
    • Easy planing and performances
    • Extra comfortable and light
    • Huge wind range
    • Incredible upwind abilities
    • Fantastic jumping capabilities
    • Light and stable for perfect freefly sensations
  • SALE Starboard FreeWing Air V2

    $895- $1,025

    30% OFF on Freewing V2 in store, call for availability

    • 3.0 Teal / Pink  $865
    • 4.0 Teal/ Pink  $895
    • 4.0 Teal / Red $895
    • 5.0 Teal / Pink  $970
    • 6.0 Teal / Red $1,025
    • 6.0 Teal / Pink $1,025
    • 6.0 Red / Dark Teal $1,025


    • The FreeWing AIR V2 is now more stable & stiffer, offering more reactivity, acceleration & speed.

      The FreeWing AIR is designed for wing foil beginners to down-the-line wing surfers. The deep narrow and forward window position is designed for you to see clearly where you are heading and now with the new aft windows on the bigger sizes ensures your safety while having a great time on the water. The center strut is extra wide where it meets the leading edge strut, making that connection rigid for more power and stability. Yes, you can now ride faster with more control

      For Wing Surfing – the wingtips are angled inward, avoiding the wing from touching the water’s surface when starting and surfing.

      For Wing Foiling – the outline profile of the FreeWing AIR allows it to feel compact in your hands so, it’s easy to spin around and you can easily progress and learn new moves.

      For Long Distance Wing Foiling – The FreeWing AIR is very easy to de-power and together with the harness line attachment points, less pressure is put on your arms and you can ride for longer.

      With the size range from 2m – 8m, you can enjoy winging any day in all conditions from 7 knots to 50+ knots.

      The FreeWing AIR received the best getting started wing award from SUPboarder Magazine.

  • SALE Starboard Hydrofoil kit S-Type

    30% OFF on selected Starboard Hydrfoil S-Type kit available in store, call for more info

    For surfing waves and carving maneuvers. The S-Types feel solid, stable and secure. With wing tips that act like fins, they react instantly and precisely to carving pressure. The smaller the size, the faster the speed.

    The low-aspect S-Type wing set is for surfing waves and carving maneuvers. The S-Types feel solid, stable and secure. With wing tips that act like fins, they react instantly and precisely to carving pressure.

    Sizes: 2400 / 2000 / 1500 / 1200

    Combine the wing set with either a Monolithic Carbon mast set or an Aluminium V8 mast set to make a complete foil.

  • SIC Bullet V2 14’0″

    Open-water paddling, downwinders, race and fitness: This race-horse was created for the SIC Race-Team who demanded the fastest, yet stable board with ultra-quick acceleration and superior control. Incidentally, open-water race boards have al proven to make for some of the most versatile fitness and touring boards. They are designed to handle any condition mother nature can throw your way.

    The SIC brand is the work of design guru and legendary Maui shaper Mark Raaphorst.

  • SIC X14 PRO 14’0″

    Winner of the 2013 Men’s Journal Gear of the Year! A fast and stable fitness/race board that is always ready to for all exercise and excursions. This 14 foot beauty offers added stability especially for larger paddlers due to its higher volume and comfortable width. The displacement bow cuts like a knife through flat-water and chop. The flatter rocker-line keeps the board in glide mode between strokes and lets you step back onto the second phase of the rocker so you can take off like a rocket. Sharp rails at the tail shear water for unlimited high-end speed in the open range.

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