• Starboard WingBoard Foil

    $1,050.00 – $2,969.00


    Lite Tech 4’6″ x 25″ -69L

    Lite Tech 4’9″ x 26″ -70L.

    Blue Carbon 5’8″ x 25″ -88L

    Lite Tech 6’3″ x 28.5″ -115L

    Blue Carbon 6’7″ x 28″ -115L

    Blue Carbon 7’0″ x 30″ -140L

    Lite Tech 7’0″ x 31″ -145L

    ASAP 7’4″ x 32.5″ -160L


    High Performance Board for Wingfoiling

    10 x CLIMATE POSITIVEThe new Wingboard range takes design inspiration from our high-performance SUP foil boards and Olympic class Windsurf foil boards – combining the speed and efficiency of foiling with the power of the wind.

    The aim of the Wingboard Foil is to give you maximum performance in a small size while catering to your level, from beginner to expert.



    To get started we need stability and since volume works on leverage, the further away the volume is from your feet, the more stability it creates. We placed the volume in the rails, at the square nose and at the little “platform” at the tail of the board. Stability is also created by having the feet as close to the foil as possible. We do not want to foil with “High Heels”, so the thinner a board is, the better it rides.

    Significantly improves stability as you have a lower centre of gravity. It also brings you closer to the foil for more control when up and riding.


    Pack the volume where you need it, increasing the float and stability so you can ride a narrower and shorter board.


    Makes it incredibly forgiving on touch downs as the nose bounces and skims off the large surface area, not sticking and slowing you down.


    At the tail of the board lets the water drain out immediately once foiling.


    Boosts the overall float to ride such small boards.


    And sharp rails forward increase ground speed until take off.


    That get deeper towards the tail helps to pump, rock the board into release and also helps for stability.


    Allows the board to release that much earlier and reduces the rails from catching through turning.


    The new 18cm distance between the inserts allows you to have a wider footstrap span for better trim and control while foiling since you can micro-adjust your position.


    • A new larger foot strap that has a wider spread and it can also be made shorter, using different positions, for those who want the security necessary to launch into the air.

    • Our new XL footstraps come with Blue Carbon. It can also be purchased aftermarket for Lite Tech and ASAP.


    Is optimised to provide early lift for fast take offs and gives a very balanced trim when up and riding.


    The carry handle is moved to the bottom of the board to avoid interfering when foiling, yet still easy to carry.


    A self-ventilating air valve is available on the board. This valve is self-ventilating so, it should not be touched or removed – otherwise, you are at risk of damaging the valve system.

  • Surftech Bark Aleka (prAna Collab)

    $1,599.00 – $1,665.00

    The Aleka Tuflite V-Tech is the perfect Stand Up Paddlboard for any paddler that seeks versatility. Joe BARK shaped the Aleka to be stable enough for flat-water cruising, but it will also perform well in small to medium surf. The prAna/Surftech collaboration adds an amazing aesthetic with patterns matching their 2020 Swim Line. Surftech’s Tuflite V-Tech molded construction consists of high quality bamboo veneer, EPS foam, fiberglass and Epoxy resin. Other features include 4 deck tie downs, ledge handle, rear padded handle and ¾ deck pad. The board has been verified Level One by Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project for its use of Bio Based Resin and BLOOM (20% algae biomass based) foam. This SUP is specifically designed for a paddler interested in sport and fitness. It is narrower and less stable than entry level boards making it more efficient while also allowing the user to properly engage entire core strength with every paddle stroke. Beauty, challenge and fun all in one board.

  • Surftech Bark Commander

    $1,260.00 – $2,340.00

    The Bark Commander Prone Paddleboard is the undisputed best paddleboard in the world with more world titles, championships, and world records than any other board. The bullet nose, stiletto-esq bottom contours, consistent curves make the board look fast sitting still, combined with the ergonomic concave deck puts the paddler in the board, giving maximum drive and glide over any distance.

    Color varies according to the model

  • Surftech BARK Commander Air Travel

    BARK Commander Air Travel
    The BARK Commander is the undisputed best paddle board in the world with more world titles, championships, and world records than any other prone paddleboard on the market. Now in the drop stitched Air Travel construction you can take your favorite paddle board with you whether it be to continue training on the road, or simply to take your paddling adventures to new arenas in alpine lakes, rivers, or other waterways that have previously been inaccessible to the prone paddling community.

    This board gives you the same bullet nose, bottom contours, and consistent curves that make this board look fast sitting still.

  • Surftech Chameleon Tuflite V-Tech

    $1,150.00 – $1,240.00

    The Chameleon Tuflite V-Tech Stand Up Paddleboard bridges the gap from recreation paddling to adventure touring. This hybrid design combines a displacement nose with a flotation hull to create a board that is exceptionally stable yet still has drive of a true touring board. Designed for the enthusiast who wants to do more than just go for a casual paddle, the Chameleon SUP will advance with your ability. Built in our new Tuflite V-Tech construction utilizing sandwich molded high quality bamboo veneer and fiberglass, includes 4 deck tie downs, ledge handle and 3/4 deck pad.

  • Surftech Guy Takayama Egg – Softop

    $615 – 7’6″ Egg Softop

    If you’re not quite ready to “rip and shred” on a short board, nor are you interested in cruising on a longboard, then the Egg is the perfect solution. This model is an “eggy” shape that allows the rider to trim high on the wave in the middle of the board or race down the line on the tail. A great board for beginner to advanced riders. Now available a Softop-CP construction for added traction, comfort and outstanding durability.

    Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
    7’6” 21.5” 2.9” 54.0L

    If you’re not quite ready to “rip and shred” on a short board, nor are you apt to “cruise” on a long board, then the Hawaiian Pro Designs Egg is the perfect solution. This model is an “eggy” looking shape that allows the rider to trim high on the wave in the middle of the board or race down the line on the tail, whichever the rider prefers. The perfect board for beginner to advanced.

    Donald Takayama’s legacy is a combination of the worlds best boards, best surfers and best waves, making his boards some of the most sought after in the entire surfing world. Donald Takayama was famous for his progressive designs that combined both traditional and high performance aspects into every board he made. The result was the best surfers sought out his boards to bring their surfing to the next level. Donald Takayama and Surftech worked together for over 20 years before his passing. The relationship was built on trust and a commitment to produce quality product that would compliment the designs he so passionately created. It is an honor for Surftech to perpetuate Donald’s legacy by continuing to build the most iconic and proven designs.

  • Surftech Hercule Air Travel

    The ALL NEW Hercules Air-Travel is the perfect family cruiser. Featuring two removable seats, front and rear deck tiedowns, front/side/rear carry handles, thermal debossed deck pad, and extra width for a ton of stability. Dad, Mom, and Kid Approved.

     Included Accessories: Backpack Bag, Pump, Fin, Repair Kit, Seats

  • Surftech Longboard

    $710 – $870

    The Surftech Softop® has been the industry standard for over 20 years and is the best choice for surf schools, rentals, families and the destructive grom. We developed the Learn2surf® Softop® series which features our board positioning technology, bringing you the best product on the market for beginners. Designed to hold up to the most demanding conditions, the Surftech Softops are not only durable but look and surf great with shapes suitable for any level surfer. The hard bottom provides the stiffness needed for fast, down-the-line surfing while the soft deck is safe for the entry level surfer riding the wave of their life for the very first time. They are extremely durable, lightweight and guaranteed fun.

    Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
    7’6″ 21.0″ 2.6″ 48.0L
    8’0″ 21.5″ 3.1″ 54L
    8’4″ 20.0″ 2.5″ 63L
    9’0″ 20.25″ 2.65″ 72L
    10’0″ 23.0″ 3.3″ 87L
    11’0″ 25.5″ 4.25″ 120L
    12’0″ 26.25″ 4.4″ 147L
  • Surftech/prAna Alta Air-Travel

    $935.00 – $950.00

    The Air-Travel Alta introduces a unique graphic, with women specific lengths and shapes to the Surftech Air-Travel lineup. These models provide any type of paddler with the best option for their recreational and touring adventures. The Surftech inflatable boards combine progressive outlines, strategically placed handles and fin boxes, an integrated DeckPad, high pressure valve, and the most advanced drop stitch technology to create one of the most lightweight inflatable compact travel partners. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 3/4 DeckPad / Alta’s with Bloom Foam Deck tie downs Padded handle Drop stitch material Backpack bag, pump, fin and repair kit

    Included Accessories: Backpack Bag, Pump, Fin, Repair Kit

  • Used Carbon Papenoo Pro 7’3″

    F-One Papenoo Pro Carbon

    7’3” x 27.5” – 95L

    Excellent condition

    The PAPENOO models can be classified as “short SUP” with a focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability to rip off smaller waves like never before!

    The initial target was to design a board as short as possible to gain in maneuverability and agility. A rectangular outline proved the right solution to keep enough hull area and volume for stability. We have also worked with a lot of attention on the glide of these boards. The shape of PAPENOO features a genuine planning hull which is both efficient and enjoyable to ride.

  • Used Fanatic Fly 11’2″

    Fanatic Fly

    11’2” x 34” – 236L

    Like New

    The Fly is the definitive all-round paddleboard range; having the versatility to smoothly glide across flat water, effortlessly ride small to medium sized waves, and even the option to add a sail and windsurf in light winds.

    Designed to cater for all experience levels – whether you are a newbie or more experienced paddler – these classic SUP shapes will provide you with the

  • Used Jimmy Lewis Striker 9’5″

    Jimmy Lewis Striker

    9’5″ x 31 – 147L

    Fins included + rail tape for extra prtection

    Like new

    Low nose rocker for occasional nose riding and great flat water paddling, while the tail rocker and 2+1 fin set up gives the Striker great small to medium wave performance abilities, making this a ultimate all around board! Full length deckpad for posi-traction nose riding.

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