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  • NSP Coco Lotus


    Enjoy tranquility, stability, family fun and water-based fitness workouts.

    – Lightweight and strong the Lotus is easy to move on and off the water.

    – Super stable and wide creating a floating platform to make SUP yoga accessible for all abilities.

    – The grippy full length padded EVA deck gives confidence to practice advanced yoga poses.

    – Focus on family fun with comfortable EVA over the entire deck so you can take passengers and pets for a paddle.

    –  Offered in Cocomat construction incorporating sustainable natural materials with eco-friendly bio-resin.

    –  Paddle holder on the tail for when exercising.

    –  The Lotus is a very versatile and easy to paddle board for water-based fitness workouts for the whole family.

  • NSP DC Surf Wide


    Beach break surf performance and fun in smaller waves with ease of use and stability in choppy conditions.

    – Single to double concave bottom with a slight vee through the tail makes this board a turning machine in small and mushy conditions.

    – Stable 32″ wide point combined with balanced nose and tail lift, progressive rail outline and bottom shape generates great paddling speed.

    –  The five fin boxes offer tri-fin or quad-fin set ups to optimize the fin cluster for your style or for the surf conditions.

    –  Outstanding strength to weight ratio utilizing exclusive Cocomat technology with eco-friendly bio-resin.

    –  Ideal for the surfer looking for a highly durable, stable, responsive surf SUP to take their performance to the next level.

    –  Shaped and designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman.

  • NSP DC Surf X


    The DC Surf X creates the ultimate performance quiver to cover all conditions.

    –  Surf X 7’8”: Made for NSP Team riders and advanced, light (50-65kg) and agile surfers.  The board performs extremely well in the pocket, it’s extremely fast and very responsive in quality waves.

    –  Surf X 8’2”: Surfs like a 6’2 short board, super responsive and stabile for its size, highly recommended for 75-85kg surfers.

    –  Surf X 8’6″:  An extended version of the 8’2”, it paddles extremely well into waves. The board loves getting out in the face for round house cut backs! Ideal for 75kg-95kg intermediate to advanced surfers.

    –  Surf X 8’10”: Longer high performance design that surfs the same as the 8’2”. The go to board  for taller or more solid 80kg-100kg+ surfers.

    –  All Surf X shapes have increased rocker in the nose and tail to give greater control in large surf conditions, while the domed deck gives extra volume in the standing area.

    –  The range bottom shape: Single concave at the nose for improved paddling speed into waves while the double concave with V in the tail keeps speed and flow through turns.

    –  Surf X range is shaped and designed by the legendary Dale Chapman.

    –  Surf X is only offered in premium SLX technology: Wave riding performance, reduced weight and durability.

  • Quatro Glide


    Glide Ast 
    All-Around Thruster

    The all new Glide Ast is identical to the Glide Pro except for it’s construction. The new Glide brings along two bigger sizes that are more surf oriented. Just like the Pro version, the Ast features the ISDTM which works slightly against the convex deck dome, offering a more solid stance.

    The nose rocker has a lower entry for ease of paddling and a very constant glide, hence the name. The bottom transitions from single to double to vee for an agile and maneuverable board. All Glide models come with a raised tail kick for added grip when riding waves. We consciously do not use a carbon deck on the Glide because it would result in too stiff a board for Sup surfing and inhibit much desired flex and pop.

    Available in 110, 120, 130, 145, 160, 190, 220 liters.

    Available in neon blue on white.


    Glide Pro Carbon – $1,995
    All-Around Thruster

    Keith on the Glide: “My idea for the Glide was to create something easy, stable and fast to paddle, yet it was supposed to shine with maneuverability.

    This board comes with solid rockers and full outlines, giving it a completely different level of stability and comfort, greatly enhanced by ISDTM (Integrated Stability Deck), which serves as an ergonomic stance platform. To me the Glide is the go to board for cruising and small waves. This is the Sup that my wife and me grab and go to the south side, throw our dog onboard and ride the fun waves.”

    The deck consists of a generous diamond grove Quatro pad covering both your paddling and surfing stance for added comfort, while leaving the nose and rails bare to save weight for improved performance.

    Available in 110, 120, 130, 145, 160, 190, 220 liters.

    Available in neon blue on white.

  • SIC Bullet V2 14’0″

    $2,799.00 $2,239.00

    Open-water paddling, downwinders, race and fitness: This race-horse was created for the SIC Race-Team who demanded the fastest, yet stable board with ultra-quick acceleration and superior control. Incidentally, open-water race boards have al proven to make for some of the most versatile fitness and touring boards. They are designed to handle any condition mother nature can throw your way.

    The SIC brand is the work of design guru and legendary Maui shaper Mark Raaphorst.

  • SIC X14 PRO 14’0″

    $2,799.00 $1,200.00

    Winner of the 2013 Men’s Journal Gear of the Year! A fast and stable fitness/race board that is always ready to for all exercise and excursions. This 14 foot beauty offers added stability especially for larger paddlers due to its higher volume and comfortable width. The displacement bow cuts like a knife through flat-water and chop. The flatter rocker-line keeps the board in glide mode between strokes and lets you step back onto the second phase of the rocker so you can take off like a rocket. Sharp rails at the tail shear water for unlimited high-end speed in the open range.

  • Starboard All Star

    • From entry level riders to elite racers. The All Star is the world’s most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design.
    • The All Star is again 2 to 3 boards length faster. Relative to it’s predecessor due to refined rocker lines and bottom shape.
    • Downwind the performance is further improved. Due to increased nose volume making the board pop on to every piece of chop.
    • The amazing hull maintains control. To surf in breaking waves and it’s flatter tail makes it even faster for buoy turns.

    Be an all-star at every race. High performance race shapes designed by world-class athletes.

    THE GAME CHANGERS: The new 12’6″ x 23″ and 14’0″ x 22.5″ are game changers for riders up to 65 kg and also the choice of skilled riders up to 72 kg, like Connor Baxter.

    • Target rider: All riders up to 115 kg.
    • Key features: Boxy and straighter rails. Fast center channel, flatter tail concave, stable side planes. Ergonomic tray with improved drainage.
    • Conditions: ALL!

    14’0″X28″ | 14’0″X26″ | 14’0″X24.5″ | 14’0″X23.5″ | 14’0″X22.5″ | 12’6″X28″ | 12’6″X26″ | 12’6″X24.5″ | 12’6″X23.5″ | 12’6″X23″


    The All Star Composite range is available in Carbon Sandwich, Hybrid Carbon and Carbon Sandwich Lady.

    Fins: Supplied with center US fin box. Single fin setup supplied with Balsa Core fins (Natural winner or Race Ultra).

  • Starboard Atlas Extra 12’0″


    Inspired by the popular Atlas, the Atlas Extra provides additional stability and features a race rocker in the aft section of the board, which provides good glide and ample nose kick for downwinders in choppy waters. Relative to its width, it feels nimble and tracks well. Deck inserts are provided on the nose of the board for gear storage. A beautiful hull suiting people with heavier bones or those wanting to tour with a lot of gear.

    This board will float the heaviest paddlers, or a typical sized adult plus a large dog or small child.  The ample width and volume also make it a great platform for activities such as fishing and free diving.  This is the do-it-all board that stabily floats *anyone*.  We love it.

  • Starboard Avanti 11’2″


    What was already a very agile board for its grandiose dimensions, has become even more nimble with modifications to its bottom shape. Mirroring the improvements to its stable-mate “the Whopper”, the Avanti developed a heavier V with double concave through the middle of the board enhancing rail-to-rail reactivity and straight line speed. This feeds into a mono-concave tail to accelerate water for increased speed, while also enhancing turning from the back of the board.

    Even more so than before, the new Avanti is the ultimate big boy’s board for getting out into the waves with easier fun to be had.

    “Mono-double concave to tail concave.”



    The Surf and Cruise Composite range is available in: Carbon Balsa, Pine Tek, Starlite, Starshot, ASAP, Starlite WAVE.

    Fins: Supplied with US center box and FCS side fin boxes. Thruster setup supplied with Balsa Core fins for Carbon Balsa and Pine Tek; Balsa Core center fin and Black net positive side fins for Starlite and Starlite Wave; Black net positive fins for Starshot and ASAP.

  • Starboard Blend 11’2″


    The Blend maintains its reputation as an excellent flat-water cruising board, with its length and narrower width, providing excellent glide for cruising, exploring and fitness.

    With good glide, the Blend also allows you to paddle into waves easily, providing an excellent board for surfing.

    Its traditional longboard style and wave handling have been vastly improved with a new deeper V double-concave bottom. This provides a faster ride and even better glide on the wave, with improved trim and even more responsive cutbacks than its predecessor.

    It now also turns real well standing in the middle of the board.

    “Round nose to flat concave to V”

  • 8'8" Starboard Air Born

    Starboard Element 9’8″


    The Element has been a longstanding popular shape for people from all walks of life with its good glide and ability in waves, combined with stability.

    The new model has been given better acceleration and is faster due to its new deeper V, double concave bottom shape. These attributes promote a rail-to-rail transition, with lift and faster rocker from the concaves.
    This feeds into a heavier V in the tail, which provides some searing cutbacks for a board of this size.

    Bottom line, and accessible surf model for most people, and a nice flatwater cruiser for smaller paddlers (i.e. approximately 150 lbs or below).

    “Mono concave to flat middle to V”

    The Element is availalbe in three construction options:

  • Starboard Freeride


    $1,699.00 – $2,249.00

    Extremely versatile and user friendly, a thrill on a downwind run, a friendly race, or cruising with minimum effort. Wide nose section for extra stability and chamfered double concave nose, offering amazing water deflection.


    • Fast and stable designs. With great tracking.
    • Shaped thicker. To create more pop and acceleration.
    • Mono Concave bottom. For that light feel through the water.

    12’2″ x 32″ FREERIDE Greater stability and buoyancy for heavier riders up to 110 kg.

    12’2″ x 30″ FREERIDE Maximum efficiency and speed for riders up to 100 kg.

    11’2″ x 29″ FREERIDE Extra maneuverability and ease to transport for riders up to 90 kg. The narrower width helps tracking and makes it easier to place the paddle straight down into the water creating a more efficient stroke.

    • Target rider: Entry level paddler who needs a stable platform to learn, up to progressive paddlers wanting a fast all-round cruiser to catch a few wave bumps with ease.
    • Construction: Available in Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot.
    • Performance: Stable and easy to ride shape with efficient cruising speed. Catches wave bumps well and makes for a super fun all round board.
    • Key features: Deep and wide center channel, boxy rails, flat side panes and ultra wide Diamond Tail that provides extra stability and easier turning on the tail. Uni directional FLAX fiber rail and bungee tie-down inserts.
    • Fins: Supplied with US fin box. Single fin setup provided with Balsa Core fins for Pine Tek and Starlite and Black plastic injection molded fin for Starshot and Paddle for hope.
    • Conditions: Optimized for inland flat-water cruising and progressing to light ocean chop.

    12’2″X32″ | 12’2″X30″ | 11’2″X29″


    The Freeride Composite range is available in Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot.
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