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  • Hydrofoil Lesson

    $390.00 for 1 person

    $700.00 for 2 people

    $900.00 for 3 people


    Come on join the foil revolution with us!

    With a foil under your board, surfing becomes even more extraordinary. Your board if flying above the water like a magic carpet. On any given day, you can fly with the smooth sensation only found on the best days in the world of surfing. Not to mention the foil increases the speed and your rides can go up 3-4 times the distance you usually surf.
    Open up a whole new world of waveriding! Catch waves that refuse to break and fly over the slower sections with grace and speed.

    Covewater team is offering now Private Foil Lesson with Zac (the Covewater Boat)
    The best way to learn properly how to foil is by being towed at low speed behind a boat. Zac that has been specifically set up for it. It has a board rack and a lateral carbon mast that will allow you to stay out of the wake when being towed. This will enable you to get the “feel of foiling” and understanding on how to control the altitude like flying above water.

    About Zac:
    Zodiac Pro 19′
    90 HP
    2-4 participants max, build with a custom board rack and a custom carbon side mast for towing.
    Zac takes you to the best spots around Santa Cruz and gives you the chance to learn the fundamentals on how to foil at low speed very safely.
    This foil clinic with Zac allows you to learn much faster and safer than by yourself into the waves. By keeping the speed low and consistent it helps you building confidence especially with the assistance of the coach right next to you to provide tips and advices.
    Once you have understood the basics you can start pumping and carving in the wake with a longer rope and at higher speed. You will get the feeling of riding an endless waves for several minutes.

    Intro Foil Lesson and Foil Clinic with Zac are 2.5 hours.
    We meet you at Santa Cruz Harbor with everything you need.
    All equipment provided : boards, foils, wetsuits, helmets, impact vest