Armstrong Carving Freeride 2400 Foil Kit


Our CF2400 Foil Kit is designed primarily for downwind riding but is also a great choice for heavy riders learning or catching micro surf and pumping. The CF2400 wing was developed after the prototypes used in the 2018 M2M and M2O – this new wing makes downwind foiling fun and easy. It’s large size also makes learning easy due the slow speeds at which the wing will fly and the stability of the wingspan creates.

  • Surf: Ideal for heavy riders or micro surf conditions.
  • Kiteboarding: Super light winds for heavy riders.
  • SUP: Light riders in small surf, heavy riders in good surf.
  • Wake: Beginners or heavier riders.
  • Windsurf: Ideal for light winds.
  • Downwind: The ideal package for most riders to get into this awesome new sport.

Wing Dimensions

Wing area: 2400cm2 (372in2)

Wing span: 970mm

Weight: 1850g

We recommend the setup below, but much depends on rider weight and riding style. 

See our Foil chart for assistance.

CF2400 Wing

Drive Mast 72cm / 28.5”

TC60 (Titanium Core) Fuselage 60cm

Uni Tail Wing

TTF +1 degree

kit comes complete with…

4 Titanium T-nuts + 4 Bi Directional Titanium Washers + mast top screw set + foil screw set + Torx tool +protective mast and wing covers + carry bag.

Price may vary depending the options.

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