Astro Inflatable


Stiffer, stronger and easier to inflate, the Starboard “Astro” range of inflatable stand-up paddleboards are an ideal solution for storage or transporation issues, and a must for airlplane travel.  Inflatalbes work great for cruising and exploring, but are also particularly popular for fishing, yachting, yoga boarding and white water paddling.


• All Starboards have PVC reinforcements around all inserts.
• All Starboards are laminated with strong light epoxy resin.
• All Starboards are using state of the art tight fusion blown EPS.
• All Starboards have integrated carry handles for easy transport.
• Most AST Electric Blue boards have mast track for windsurfing.
• Most AST Electric Blue boards under 10’0″ have foot strap inserts for windsurfing.

Warning: Boards larger than 10’5″ are not constructed for big surf. Several of the models are functional for windsurfing and wave riding, but none of them are designed or built for jumping or planing.

Questions on Starbaord Astro inflatables, or inflatable SUPs in general?  Give Covewater a call (831) 600-7230.  We’re here to help.