Magic SUP Foil Board


$2,199.00 – $2,299.00

The aim here was to create two sizes of SUP boards designed to take-off on average or poor quality waves, whatever their sizes.
This was a golden opportunity to start from a blank page and make no compromises. We wanted to achieve take-off as early as possible and then gain enough speed on the wave to lift off and foil.
On the two MAGIC sizes, 8’6 and 9’6, the entire shape has been thought towards foiling. Outline, rocker, volume distribution, box locations and feet positions, everything is made to get you up on the foil. This is something totally new.

These boards are quite long and narrow to allow for a better take-off on outside reef waves which are less powerful.

Being slightly longer, the 9’6 will allow easier take-offs.

Important note: it is possible to surf less powerful waves with a foil with an amazing feeling but the foil does not enable an earlier take-off. It is therefore important to choose correctly the size of the board depending on the wave to be surfed.

8’6’’ x 28.5” 259 x 72.5 Cm 115 L 7.6 Kg*
9’6’’ x 28.5” 289 x 72.5 Cm 130 L 8.3 Kg*


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