F-One Rocket DW Pro Carbon




  • Impressive glide for take-off 
  • Perfect and intuitive control
  • Extremely light and responsive 
  • 5’10’’ x 23’5’’ 178 x 60 cm 95 L 4.9 KG – $2649
  • 6’2’’ x 25’5’’ 189 x 65 cm 115 L 5.9 KG – $2699
  • HANDLES (X2)
  • Ref. 77208-0602 

There isn’t much that comes out as elegant and efficient as a downwind rider foiling for miles over the galloping swell. A board with a foil, a rider and his paddle: an ocean of lines to run and carve. The Rocket DW Pro is designed right for that purpose: take-off with a paddle and fly for miles. A downwind foiling board spends most of its time flying so it must provide sharp and intuitive control while in the air. Additionally, the board must offer the best possible take-off using the smallest bump or even on flat-water.

The Rocket DW Pro features a compact shape with moderate beam and some straight bottom lines to help the rider get up to speed for take-off. The extra volume in the nose further helps getting some momentum for take-off when in the bumps. The glide is impressive for such a short board. The tall side walls are chamfered towards the bottom using bevels which reduce the drag and help stabilize the board during occasional touch-downs. The nose of the board is streamlined for that same purpose as well as reducing windage. 

The Rocket DW Pro is nimble in the air and stable on the water. Stability is enhanced by a recessed cockpit featuring a concave shape for sharper control. The large pad offers total freedom of stance and complete comfort. Experienced riders below 80kg are advised to opt out for the 5’10 / 95l. while the heavier riders will profit from the extra volume of 6’2 / 115l. The bigger board is also the perfect option for new-comers willing to get more serious about downwind foiling. 

The Rocket DW Pro performances are served by a very light race board construction mixing carbon composite over a light weight core. Specific reinforcements are applied locally in the cockpit and around the twin-track system to sustain the stresses induced by paddling, foiling and pumping. 

The deck features a number of inserts to add a front foot strap (goofy/regular setup) and two neoprene grab handles, all available as spare options. 

Combining cutting edge performances and timeless lines, the Rocket DW Pro offers striking performances and behavior for downwind foiling. 

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