Starboard 9’8″ X 30″ Blend Element


Length: 9’8″ / 295 cm

Width: 30″ / 76 cm

This paddle board is the ultimate all-rounder for lightweight riders, a favorite in the saves! Shorter length maintains glide with easier maneuverability while making it lighter to carry and easier to store.

Available construction:

  • Lite Tech

The Blend maintains its reputation as an excellent flat-water cruising board, with its length and narrower width, providing excellent glide for cruising, exploring and fitness.

With good glide, the Blend also allows you to paddle into waves easily, providing an excellent board for surfing.

Its traditional longboard style and wave handling have been vastly improved with a new deeper V double-concave bottom. This provides a faster ride and even better glide on the wave, with improved trim and even more responsive cutbacks than its predecessor.

It now also turns real well standing in the middle of the board.

“Round nose to flat concave to V”

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Construction Price
Starshot $1,299
Electric $1,849
Wood $2,199
Brushed Carbon $3,199

Additional information

ASAP, Starshot Red, Starshot Blue, AST Electric, Wood, Brushed Carbon