Starboard Element 9’8″


The Element has been a longstanding popular shape for people from all walks of life with its good glide and ability in waves, combined with stability.

The new model has been given better acceleration and is faster due to its new deeper V, double concave bottom shape. These attributes promote a rail-to-rail transition, with lift and faster rocker from the concaves.
This feeds into a heavier V in the tail, which provides some searing cutbacks for a board of this size.

Bottom line, and accessible surf model for most people, and a nice flatwater cruiser for smaller paddlers (i.e. approximately 150 lbs or below).

“Mono concave to flat middle to V”

The Element is availalbe in three construction options:

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Construction Price
Electric $1,749
Brushed Carbon $2,999

Additional information

AST Electric, Brushed Carbon