Starboard Freeride


$1,699.00 – $2,249.00

Extremely versatile and user friendly, a thrill on a downwind run, a friendly race, or cruising with minimum effort. Wide nose section for extra stability and chamfered double concave nose, offering amazing water deflection.


  • Fast and stable designs. With great tracking.
  • Shaped thicker. To create more pop and acceleration.
  • Mono Concave bottom. For that light feel through the water.

12’2″ x 32″ FREERIDE Greater stability and buoyancy for heavier riders up to 110 kg.

12’2″ x 30″ FREERIDE Maximum efficiency and speed for riders up to 100 kg.

11’2″ x 29″ FREERIDE Extra maneuverability and ease to transport for riders up to 90 kg. The narrower width helps tracking and makes it easier to place the paddle straight down into the water creating a more efficient stroke.

  • Target rider: Entry level paddler who needs a stable platform to learn, up to progressive paddlers wanting a fast all-round cruiser to catch a few wave bumps with ease.
  • Construction: Available in Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot.
  • Performance: Stable and easy to ride shape with efficient cruising speed. Catches wave bumps well and makes for a super fun all round board.
  • Key features: Deep and wide center channel, boxy rails, flat side panes and ultra wide Diamond Tail that provides extra stability and easier turning on the tail. Uni directional FLAX fiber rail and bungee tie-down inserts.
  • Fins: Supplied with US fin box. Single fin setup provided with Balsa Core fins for Pine Tek and Starlite and Black plastic injection molded fin for Starshot and Paddle for hope.
  • Conditions: Optimized for inland flat-water cruising and progressing to light ocean chop.

12’2″X32″ | 12’2″X30″ | 11’2″X29″


The Freeride Composite range is available in Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot.
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