Starboard Wave Classic 1500


For Lift and Steady Speeds

The steady, maneuverable foil with a classic, lifty feel that comes from its extra-thick wing profile and extra deep concave.

Front Wing Span: 78cm | 31
Front Wing Area: 1500cm2 | 232 sq in
Tail Wing Span: 38.5cm | 15″
Tail Wing Area: 230cm2 | 36 sq in
Total Mast Length: 72cm | 28″
Fuselage length: 67cm | 26.3″

What’s in the Box?

Front Wing: Wave Classic 1500 or 1300

Tail Wing: Wave Classic 230

Mast: V6 Aluminum 65cm + 67mm Top Plate (total length 72cm/28”)

Fuselage: Quick Lock 36 tail piece + Quick Lock 36 Front piece

Other: Torx bolt set + Torx Key + M6 Lightweight Top Plate Mounting Bolts

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