Starboard Whopper

$1,545.00 $1,313.00

10’0″ X 34″ WHOPPER

Length: 10’0” / 305 cm

Width: 34” / 86 cm

This is a highly popular and stable paddle board which surprises with incredible wave riding ability.

*How to choose between the 2 Whoppers?

Get the 10’0” if you want extra stability and glide.

Available constructions:

9’4″ X 33″ WHOPPER

Length: 9’4” / 284 cm

Width: 33” / 84 cm

The shorter length gives greater maneuverability with easier turning in the surf.

The legendary Whopper set the benchmark by being the first board to go wide at 34″, at the time it was shocking, but now it’s considered the norm. The Whopper leads the way in easy, fun, performance. A board that’s incredibly stable yet defies its dimensions with effortless trim and dynamic turning abilities.

Using a forward V in the stance area, promoting rail-to-rail reactivity, running to a single concave that accelerates the water through the back of the board, to a V off the tail. Generous nose kick makes pearling close to impossible. The ultimate family all rounder.

“Mono-concave to flat middle to V”



The Surf and Cruise Composite range is available in: Carbon Balsa, Pine Tek, Starlite, Starshot, ASAP, Starlite WAVE.

Fins: Supplied with US center box and FCS side fin boxes. Thruster setup supplied with Balsa Core fins for Carbon Balsa and Pine Tek; Balsa Core center fin and Black net positive side fins for Starlite and Starlite Wave; Black net positive fins for Starshot and ASAP.

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