Used Kalama E3 Wing Board 7’2″


Kalama E3 Wing Board

7’2” x 31.75” – 167L

Like New

Ventral fin included

The Kalama Foil boards are back, with many new features and updates for it’s third generation!  The “E3” model is now offered as a SUP/WING foil board shape, and a Downwind SUP/Prone foil shape.

The E3 SUP/WING boards are divided into 3 widths, the 26’s, 28’s and 30’s.  These are short and compact, lending to higher volume per size.  Construction is light and bomber…PVC Wrap w/ Carbon Top and Rails.

Inserts are now set up to accommodate two front straps and single rear for winging, or offset front and rear for SUP Foil.  A set of 3 straps are included with the purchase of the board.


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