Covewater has California’s largest and most diverse SUP rental fleet.  Whether you’re a first time, or an elite paddler, we’ll pair you with the perfect board for you. The team at Covewater will make sure you have a great time on the water.  No one can match our selection, expertise or personal care. Our fleet is comprised of both quality built stand up and prone paddle boards from the sport’s leading manufacturers. We now offer Hydrofoil lessons as well!

$35 – All Day Standard SUP

$45 – All Day Performance SUP

$60 – All Day Elite SUP

(831) 600-7230

$35 All Day Standard SUP

Includes board, paddle, leash, personal flotation device, and car straps

Our “Regular SUP rental” is great for anyone just wanting to get out on the water and have fun. For just $35, for the entire day, you can rent one of our selected all-around boards, both soft top and hard epoxy and go enjoy all that the beautiful Monterey Bay has to offer.

$45 All Day Performance SUP

 Includes board, paddle, leash, personal flotation device, and car straps

Our “Performance rental” package is great for both someone who has paddled before and may be ready to start trying more performance oriented SUP boards, or someone who may already own a board but is ready to take a step towards something more specific to their needs (i.e. surf,touring,yoga etc.). We have everything from 7’4″ surf specific SUP boards to 12’0″ Fishing and Yoga boards.

$60 All Day Elite SUP

 Includes board, paddle, leash, personal flotation device, and car straps

Looking for a new race board ? maybe want to upgrade to a carbon SUP board ? This one is for you!

We have both 12’6″ and 14’0″ Race/touring boards and light weight, carbon surf style sups from 7″4 to 11’6″ feet long from companies like SIC, F-One, Starboard, Riviera and Quatro.

Try Before You Buy

Looking for the perfect board for your needs?

At Covewater we got you covered!

When you demo a board, you pay the normal rental fee – however, if you end up buying a board, you can apply up to $100 of your rental fees to the cost of the board (hold onto your receipts), so your demos end up being free!  No one else offers this invaluable option.  Would you buy a car without test driving it?  Why would you buy a $1,000+ paddleboard without paddling it?  Not on our watch!

Daily Rental

Our daily rentals pertain to our shop hours. They can be picked up as early as we open and will need to be returned 15min prior to our closing. If you are looking for multi-day rentals or early morning sessions, please contact the shop for information.


Chances are, if you are looking to SUP we have a board available, but it can’t hurt to give us a call. If you have a specific board in mind, we accept reservations on a non-refundable deposit. Give us a call in advance to set aside your favorite board!


Save some time renting by filling our our online waiver form! A waiver must be filled out for all members of your party looking to hop on an SUP. Follow the link below to complete your waiver:



If you are looking to rent from our shop, we provide all the necessary equipment to help you get the board on top of your car.  Most every car will work, with the exception of convertibles and cars with large protruding antennas on the roof. If you are worried about whether your car will work, feel free to give us a call.

If you don’t feel like transporting the board, we also have a rental concession set up at New Brighton State Beach during the summer weekends. (more info)

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your pre-paid board rental reservation, you must do so no later than 4:30 PM the day before your rental. Cancellations are subject to just a $5 cancellation fee to cover credit card charges we’ve incurred. Thank you for understanding.