• 14’0″ SIC Bullet V2


    Open-water paddling, downwinders, race and fitness: This race-horse was created for the SIC Race-Team who demanded the fastest, yet stable board with ultra-quick acceleration and superior control. Incidentally, open-water race boards have al proven to make for some of the most versatile fitness and touring boards. They are designed to handle any condition mother nature can throw your way.

    The SIC brand is the work of design guru and legendary Maui shaper Mark Raaphorst.  Learn more about Mark and SIC inthis Standup Journal article from January 2012.

    Four construction options available:
    $1,995 Tuff-Wood Composite (no Active Steering System)
    $2,495 Tuff-Wood Composite (with Active Steering System)
    $2,499 Semi-Custom Carbon (no Active Steering System)
    $3,295 Double Carbon Composite (with Active Steering System)

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  • 14’0″ SIC X14


    Winner of the 2013 Men’s Journal Gear of the Year! A fast and stable fitness/race board that is always ready to for all exercise and excursions. This 14 foot beauty offers added stability especially for larger paddlers due to its higher volume and comfortable width. The displacement bow cuts like a knife through flat-water and chop. The flatter rocker-line keeps the board in glide mode between strokes and lets you step back onto the second phase of the rocker so you can take off like a rocket. Sharp rails at the tail shear water for unlimited high-end speed in the open range.

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