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  • Used Carbon Papenoo Pro 7’3″


    F-One Papenoo Pro Carbon

    7’3” x 27.5” – 95L

    Excellent condition

    The PAPENOO models can be classified as “short SUP” with a focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability to rip off smaller waves like never before!

    The initial target was to design a board as short as possible to gain in maneuverability and agility. A rectangular outline proved the right solution to keep enough hull area and volume for stability. We have also worked with a lot of attention on the glide of these boards. The shape of PAPENOO features a genuine planning hull which is both efficient and enjoyable to ride.

  • Used Fanatic Fly 11’2″


    Fanatic Fly

    11’2” x 34” – 236L

    Like New

    The Fly is the definitive all-round paddleboard range; having the versatility to smoothly glide across flat water, effortlessly ride small to medium sized waves, and even the option to add a sail and windsurf in light winds.

    Designed to cater for all experience levels – whether you are a newbie or more experienced paddler – these classic SUP shapes will provide you with the

  • Used Jimmy Lewis Striker 9’5″


    Jimmy Lewis Striker

    9’5″ x 31 – 147L

    Fins included + rail tape for extra prtection

    Like new

    Low nose rocker for occasional nose riding and great flat water paddling, while the tail rocker and 2+1 fin set up gives the Striker great small to medium wave performance abilities, making this a ultimate all around board! Full length deckpad for posi-traction nose riding.

  • Used Jimmy Lewis World Wide 9’3″


    Jimmy Wolrd Wide

    9’3″ x 32″ – 154L

    Fins included

    Excellent conditions

    This high performance board is very accessible to any rider who wants to have maximum performance in the surf. Added width and volume makes this board very forgiving stability wise, without sacrificing performance aspects of the advanced shape. The fast, flat bottom nose entry that feeds into the single concave creating lift and speed then flowing back into the double concave through the fin area which gives the board drive through turns makes this board highly responsive and maneuverable. The wider tail block gives the board added drive and thrust while the swallow tail keeps it responsive and allows for easier, tight turning. 5 fin box set up.

    The 5 fin set  includes three 4.5″ fins and a back side set of 4″ fins for boards under 130 liters.

    For boards 130 liters and above, the 5 fin set includes three 5.5″ fins and a back side set of 4.75″ fins.


  • Used Kalama E3 Wing Board 7’2″


    Kalama E3 Wing Board

    7’2” x 31.75” – 167L

    Like New

    Ventral fin included

    The Kalama Foil boards are back, with many new features and updates for it’s third generation!  The “E3” model is now offered as a SUP/WING foil board shape, and a Downwind SUP/Prone foil shape.

    The E3 SUP/WING boards are divided into 3 widths, the 26’s, 28’s and 30’s.  These are short and compact, lending to higher volume per size.  Construction is light and bomber…PVC Wrap w/ Carbon Top and Rails.

    Inserts are now set up to accommodate two front straps and single rear for winging, or offset front and rear for SUP Foil.  A set of 3 straps are included with the purchase of the board.


  • Used NSP Cocomat Cruise 11’6″


    NSP Cocomat Cruise

    11’6” x 33” – 224L

    Like New

    The Cruise design is the most popular board in the NSP range and one of  the most popular SUP’s in the world.

    –  Cruising on the water is the purest experience of SUP.

    –  Suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels, the design features a wider nose and rounded square tail creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning.

    –  The double concave bottom shape delivers glide that makes this a super stable and fun board on flatwater and in small waves.

  • Used Sunova Generation Edition SP25 9’2″


    Sunova Generation Edition SP25

    9’2” x 33” 1/8 – 162L

    Like New


  • Used Sunova Speeed 9’2″


    Sunova Speeed

    9’2″ x 30 1/4″ – 146L

    Fins included, rail tape for extra protection

    Like new


    A versatile board that covers all conditions, this board simply rips. It’s super fast, with a ton of drive down the line. Extra stable as you paddle into a wave with a crisp, sweet snap to keep you in the pocket.


    All wave types but it especially loves down the line waves. From Knee high up to double overhead.


    Tight back foot hacks and pure down the line speed. ;


    Novice to Pro.


    SPEED: The parallel rails help it paddle fast.


    OVER WHITE WATER: The wide “scoop” nose, easily lifts over white-water, with solid stability.

    WAVE CATCHING ABILITY: Extremely good. The straight outline plus the scoop nose helps the Speeed power into waves.


    At first, I was getting requests for a parallel outline Tomo, Slate, raptor, Minion style board but I really didn’t want to go there. But the requests kept coming, so I said ok, but I’m not copying anything else, it’s going to be Bert’s version and it’s going to work. So I had to solve the issues that were common to parallel shaped boards, yet keep the aspects that made them work.…


    A board with more outline curve, turns easily from the middle, whereas the Speeed requires the rider to move behind the hips to unlock the real potential. Riders who surf the middle of the board will never unlock the magic.…