Come on join the foil revolution with us!

  • $400 for 1 person

The vast ocean, powered by the wind, is an endless playground waiting for you to explore. With your foil setup, we add a wing to harness the wind, allowing you to enjoy endless foil rides using one of nature's free resources. Learning to wing foil will open up opportunities to venture into the waves and embark on exciting downwind runs across the ocean. Video Link

Our lessons start on the beach, where you'll learn to harness the wind with the wing for the first time or master advanced techniques for turning, surfing, or downwinding. Once you're comfortable with these new skills, we'll head out onto the water for real-time practice and on-demand coaching and instruction. Join us and embark on your next unforgettable endless ride

 —The Covewater Team

Lesson Duration: 2 hours

Level 1: Introduction to foiling with a wing

  • Learning functions of the wing
  • Basic handling of wing
  • Wing positions for capturing wind based on stance and direction foiling
  • Powering up / powering down
  • Hand position changes for upwind / downwind
  • Jibing while not up on foiling
  • Introduction to ride regular stance and switch stance
  • Basic riding into the wind and with the wind

Level 2: Intermediate level 1 lesson +

  • Introduction to riding techniques to perform jibes while up on foil
  • Introduction to using the wing in the surf or while downwinding
  • Introduction to carving upwind and downwind
  • Introduction to riding without switching stance
  • Maximizing speed with wing positions
  • Riding techniques in lighter wind conditions including pump starts with the wing

Level 3: Advanced level 2 lesson +

  • Advanced techniques to perform quicker jibes while up on foil
  • Advanced carving techniques while using wing on waves
  • Advanced downwind swell surfing with wing
  • Reading downwind windswell while foiling to connect multiple wind waves

Rider Level: 

  • Level 1 Lesson: Must be proficient in foil riding basics but OK to be new with wing
  • Level 2 Lesson: Must be proficient in foil riding basics + know how to go upwind / downwind                        with a wing
  • Level 3 Lesson: Must be proficient at foil riding in various conditions, know how to do basic jibes, and be able to ride upwind / downwind

Recommendation: Multiple lessons for quickest progression

Equipment Supplied: 

Level 1 Lesson: Client provides foil gear, Covewater provides wing

Level 2 Lesson: Client provides all foil gear + wing

Level 3 Lesson: Client provides all foil gear + wing

  • Specialized Equipment: We provide helmets with 2-way communication for providing on demand coaching and instructions.
  • Location: Determined based on best conditions (wind and surf)
  • Conditions: Scheduling based on weather conditions and scheduled later in afternoon for optimal wind conditions.
  • Scheduling: We will work with your schedule to find a day / time that works for you

Other services

  • Hydrofoil Lessons

    Covewater team is offering now Private Foil Lesson with Zac (the Covewater Boat). The best way to learn properly how to foil is by being towed at low speed behind a boat. Zac that has been specifically set up for it. It has a board rack and a lateral carbon mast that will allow you to stay out of the wake when being towed. This will enable you to get the “feel of foiling” and understanding on how to control the altitude like flying above water.

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  • SUP Paddle & SUP Surf Lessons

    Sometimes clients prefer to schedule a private SUP session for themselves or for their group. We can tailor your private class to accommodate exactly what you or your group would like! Private lessons can range from our typical Intro to SUP Class, to expert flat water paddling technique or a SUP surf lesson. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of SUP surfing, SUP surf lessons are only taught on a one-on-one basis.

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