Starboard Atlas Extra 12’0″


Inspired by the popular Atlas, the Atlas Extra provides additional stability and features a race rocker in the aft section of the board, which provides good glide and ample nose kick for downwinders in choppy waters. Relative to its width, it feels nimble and tracks well. Deck inserts are provided on the nose of the board for gear storage. A beautiful hull suiting people with heavier bones or those wanting to tour with a lot of gear.

This board will float the heaviest paddlers, or a typical sized adult plus a large dog or small child.  The ample width and volume also make it a great platform for activities such as fishing and free diving.  This is the do-it-all board that stabily floats *anyone*.  We love it.

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Construction Price
ASAP $1,249
Starshot $1,499

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ASAP, Starshot Red, Starshot Blue