Unmatched Expertise

Allow us to help you find the PERFECT SUP board. Sign up for a SUP board fitting and we’ll get you out on the water to analyze your paddling style and let you step on some of the best boards available that will match your expectations!

Step 1

First you’ll meet with one of our professionals to discuss your paddling style, need, and experience. From there, we’ll pick the boards that we think will be perfect for you.

Step 2

After booking your board fitting we will meet with you at the spot with all the equipment. You will have a chance to enjoy for 2-hours a Private session trying out your selected boards and paddles. The instructor gives you tips and advice on how to make the best of this experience.

Step 3

Having Fun with Control is the Goal.

Whether you’re new to stand up paddling or an experienced paddler, a board fitting is a great occasion to try out a board before you buy it and to get the tips from a pro in along the way.

Cost: $250

Duration: 2.5 hrs

This includes gear, equipment, one-on-one instruction, and photos from the session.

At Covewater, we pride ourselves on selling a properly fit board, regardless of your level. Take advantage and experience a more rewarding stand up paddle session today!.

To book a fitting:

Please call (831) 600-7230 or email info@covewater.com