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Foil Drive

Foil Drive Paddle Mount

Foil Drive Paddle Mount

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Control your Foil Drive from your paddle with our ergonomically designed Paddle Mount. 

These mounts easily install to your paddle and can be altered for both goofy and natural footed riders, simply switch the position of the removable wedge using your 2.5mm driver.

Whilst we have recommendations on positioning of the mount, everyone has a slightly different preference of where feels natural. You can mount for use with your top hand, or flip the controller upside down for use with your lower hand, halfway down the paddle.


You must apply 2 strips of electrical tape down the shaft of your paddle before installation. This is both to protect the surface, and to create a softer surface to the clamping force of the mount to grip to. The bolts only requiring finger tight tension to remain in position.

We recommend leaving the paddle mount slightly loose for the first few uses to allow for on water fine tuning of the position on the paddle.

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