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Futures Hatchet 2+1

Futures Hatchet 2+1

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An alternative set up for non-conformist style, the Futures Fins Hatchet 2 + 1 Longboard Fin Set is both fun and highly functional. Made from lightweight honeycomb and featuring Futures’ V2 foil in the side bites and a 6” Cutaway center fin, the Hatchet 2+1 is the ultimate set-up for high performance longboarding. The Hatchet 2+1 set simulates the freedom of riding a much smaller board, allowing you to get your board more vertical. The Hatchet has a unique 50-1 foil that is noticeable thicker, which allows for more lift and fluid rail to rail linkage. Grab a Hatchet for your longboard and enjoy the ride.


Honeycomb fins have a lightweight hexagonal core which reduces the weight and maintains the flex properties. These fins are engineered with a medium flex pattern, making them stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than fiberglass. These fins have a Ride Number range of 4-7 and are great all around fins for any condition.

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