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Manera Leash Belt

Manera Leash Belt

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Having one leash on your wrist and the other one on your ankle can be tricky to manage, especially in strong winds. The LEASH BELT is made to attach your wing or board leash when wing, surf or SUP foiling. It has a very strong construction and provides multiple attachment points. 

Do not use for kite or snowkite.

Low profile

The MANERA LEASH BELT features a thin profile and a compact construction to make sure you enjoy a free riding experience without the hassle of a bulky belt.


Losing your board or wing in the water could result in a dangerous situation. Therefore, we have built our leash belt with strength in mind.

Hook convertible

Want a little help to go back upwind? The MANERA WING HOOK can be attached on the front strap to create a compact harness.

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