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Quickblade T2- Hex Flex

Quickblade T2- Hex Flex

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QuickBlade Paddles

Making Paddles since 1989 Quickblade products are the natural evolution of paddle performance founded on years of competitive racing by Jim Terrell. Jim's paddling career began in southwest Ohio on the Little Miami River near his hometown of Milford. The signature feature of all Quickblade paddles is excellent performance. A quick catch at the beginning and a clean exit at the end of the stroke prompted the name Quickblade. Only after determining the ultimate requirements for performance, was the compromise of strength, durability, lightweight and cost addressed.

T2-85 Hex Flex

Single Dihedral
Concave Surfaces
Carbon Blade
Shaft & Handle

The T2 has a single dihedral with progressive concave surfaces, the T2 is amazingly stable yet smooth through the whole stroke, the outline shape is a perfect marriage of the previous Trifecta and V-Drive models.

The stroke on this paddle is crazy smooth, yet moves a great amount of water. This helps you become super efficient but not loose power behind your stroke.


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