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Starboard Enduro Balsa 2pcs

Starboard Enduro Balsa 2pcs

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  • The 4 pronounced concaves provide a strong and powerful catch
  • 13 degree angle
  • Teardrop blades have a powerful catch due to the wide area on the tip, great for power paddlers and for those who are surfing and need to really dig in to get a quick start and maximize each stroke.

Balsa Blade, attractive and environmentally friendly

  • 100% long grain low-density balsa core for better strength and paddle sensation.
  • Biaxial 45-degree glass fabric used to increase durability.
  • Extended reinforcement on the blade neck for greater overall strength.
  • 3k Carbon plain weave pre-mold neck increased durability
  • Biaxial Filament rail infusion all the way up to the neck for increased durability and impact resistant
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