• Paddle Surf Hawaii Ripper

    Starts at $1,150.00

    All new Ripper design was initially started with the idea to create faster downwind boards. However, very early on it became apparent this design was not only made for faster paddling, the design was very well suited for surfing waves.

    If you are looking to blast cutbacks and hit the lip with force, the Ripper is for you. It is best for critical waves and big moves.

    The Ripper is not as versatile as the All Arounder but works the best when surfing at extreme levels. However, please note that this board only works properly when riding with your back foot directly on the tail.

    Available in

    9’11” x 31” x 4.5”
    Volume: 151 liters
    9’6” x 30” x 4.25”
    Volume: 132 liters
    8’11” x 29” x 4.25”
    Volume: 120 liters
    8’6” x 28” x 4.25”
    Volume: 111 liters
    7’11” x 26” x 4”
    Volume: 90 liters