Covewater Paddle Surf is the only dedicated Standup Paddleboarding shop in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area.

Since 2010, Covewater continues our simple yet profound mission: to bring you to the water with top-notch gear at competitive prices. But our dedication doesn't stop there. We make it our priority to provide not only the top quality brands in the industry but also the knowledge and guidance to optimize your performance and progression in your chosen water sport (paddling, surfing, foiling). From flat water recreational paddle to competitive racing level or foil surfing our expert team will help you find what you need. 

Our team at Covewater is deeply committed to providing comprehensive instruction and positive training for every type of equipment and activity. Olivier aka "Ogee", our owner, boasts over 20 years of professional racing experience, while our store manager, David Waynar, brings over 25 years of competitive paddle racing expertise, alongside his coaching background. Together, Olivier and David curate an all-encompassing shop experience where each client's aspirations are met with professionalism, extensive sport knowledge, and a shared commitment to seeing them succeed. As Olivier puts it, 'We've dedicated countless hours to ensure every client not only advances but does so with enthusiasm.'

At Covewater, all of our customers are valued clients with whom we aim to foster lifelong relationships. Olivier emphasizes, 'Walking into our store, you're not just another visitor; you're a crucial part of our community, and we're eager to build a lasting bond.' Whether you're taking your first steps into water sports or gearing up for your most challenging endeavor yet, Olivier and Dave are here to support you every stroke of the way.

  • Experience

    The owner and employees of Covewater Paddle Surf are all stand up paddlers and general outdoor enthusiasts. We bring the first-hand knowledge about the sport and equipment to ensure that your needs are met in a welcoming, friendly environment.

  • Service

    Whether you are looking to rent a board for the first time, participate in one of our fun classes, or take home a stand up paddleboard of your very own, our expertise, patience and attention to our customers will ensure that you are as stoked with us as you are with the sport itself!

  • Roots

    From experienced paddlers looking for the latest in high performance equipment to novices looking to try this awesome sport for the first time, we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the Covewater family!

Meet the team

Olivier Guincetre - Owner

I spent most of my life in the mountains on two wheels in the French Alps but I always had a passion for the ocean and surfing. I was a professional mountain biker racing in some of the best teams around the world for over 15 years. 

In 2003, I took a break from bike racing after a major injury and I left France for a 12 month bike/surf trip in British Columbia. My dedication to bike riding and surfing led me to Santa Cruz in 2004. I followed my dream of being part of the Santa Cruz bike and surf community. While working in the bicycle industry in Santa Cruz, I discovered stand up paddling. This amazing new sport in the ocean gave me so much joy that I never looked back. 

Dave Waynar - Store Manager

The ocean holds a unique power to unite us all, regardless of whether we're riding waves on a surfboard, swimming in its embrace, or gliding across its surface on a foil board far from the comforting shores. It's the ocean's gift that draws us together, binding us in a shared love and reverence for its vast expanse. At Covewater, being part of the team means more than just what meets the eye when you walk through our doors. Olivier and I are fueled by our mutual passion for the ocean, striving to make everyone who comes to us feel like they belong to our ocean family.

My life has been intertwined with the water since I was ten, from surfing to competing in SUP races like the legendary Molokai to Oahu (M2O) and paddling outrigger canoes for over 25 years, including enduring races like the Molokai Hoe and embarking on transformative voyages from Big Island to Kure Atoll (featured in the film: 'Family of the Wa'a'). From exhilarating downwind foiling adventures from Waddell to Santa Cruz to pioneering fundraising endeavors like paddling from Half Moon Bay to Monterey Bay for kids battling cancer through Jacob's Heart, I've been blessed to share my passion with countless others.

I firmly believe in pursuing our dreams, even if it means venturing into uncharted territory, all while using our efforts to benefit others. As a coach at Outrigger Santa Cruz, I've dedicated myself to imparting paddling techniques and knowledge to others. So, whether you step into Covewater for the first time or coming back for a return visit, Olivier and I will always welcome you as part of our Ohana, ready to share our expertise and experiences so you too can chase your goals and dreams out on the water.