Come take a private SUP or surf lesson with us!

  • $ for 1 person
  • $ for 2 people
  • $ for 3 people


Other services

  • SUP Board Fittings

    Allow us to help you find the PERFECT SUP board. Sign up for a SUP board fitting and we’ll get you out on the water to analyze your paddling style and let you step on some of the best boards available that will match your expectations!

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  • Group Tours

    Allow the Covewater team to take you and your group for an incredible guided tour to some great locations around Santa Cruz for what is sure to be a memorable experience.

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  • Private Lessons

    Sometimes clients prefer to schedule a private SUP session for themselves or for their group. We can tailor your private class to accommodate exactly what you or your group would like! Private lessons can range from our typical Intro to SUP Class, to expert flat water paddling technique or a SUP surf lesson. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of SUP surfing, SUP surf lessons are only taught on a one-on-one basis.

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  • Hydrofoil Lessons

    Covewater team is offering now Private Foil Lesson with Zac (the Covewater Boat). The best way to learn properly how to foil is by being towed at low speed behind a boat. Zac that has been specifically set up for it. It has a board rack and a lateral carbon mast that will allow you to stay out of the wake when being towed. This will enable you to get the “feel of foiling” and understanding on how to control the altitude like flying above water.

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