F-One Papenoo Pro Convertible SUP Foil Board


$1,699.00 – $2,299.00

These boards are designed to be fitted with an SUP foil. 

Its planing hull is ideal to get up to speed and facilitates the transition between the surfing phase and flying phase. Its compact shape also naturally provides the right balance over the foil and makes it more maneuverable in flight. Its wide outline at the tail allows the rider to be in the right position for lift off while the generous width provides a lot of stability.

It is also a fantastic board to learn how to foil towing behind a boat. It just needs the rider to be standing up with their feet in the correct position to get going, no need to waterstart. Just let the boat reach the required speed and you can trigger the flight!

Weight is important to facilitate lift off. The PAPENOO SUP-Foil convertible is therefore available in full carbon construction only to make it as light as possible. The area around the foil box insert has been specifically reinforced to endure the high loads.

Size Dimensions Volume Weight
7’7’’ x 29” 231 x 74 Cm 110 L 7.2 Kg*
7’11’’ x 30.5” 242 x 77 Cm 123 L 7.9 Kg*
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