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  • NSP Coco Lotus



    Enjoy tranquility, stability, family fun and water-based fitness workouts.

    – Lightweight and strong the Lotus is easy to move on and off the water.

    – Super stable and wide creating a floating platform to make SUP yoga accessible for all abilities.

    – The grippy full length padded EVA deck gives confidence to practice advanced yoga poses.

    – Focus on family fun with comfortable EVA over the entire deck so you can take passengers and pets for a paddle.

    –  Offered in Cocomat construction incorporating sustainable natural materials with eco-friendly bio-resin.

    –  Paddle holder on the tail for when exercising.

    –  The Lotus is a very versatile and easy to paddle board for water-based fitness workouts for the whole family.

  • NSP Cocoflax Allrounder


    $1,265.00 – $1,420.00

    The ultimate allround SUP – a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide makes this board a trendsetter in the market:

    –  Proven outline with semi pointed surf style nose with moderate nose lift, a forward wide point for stability and easy paddling.

    –  Pulled in round tail for speed, maneuverability and control.

    –  Single to double concave bottom and a light vee through the tail, generates speed quickly and maintains smooth flow from turn to turn.

    –  Fin box options to optimize the conditions or to suit your preferred surf fin set up.

    –  Available in three technologies: Cocomat, Elements and P2 Soft with eco-friendly bio-resin.

    –  From flat water cruising to fun surf days at the beach – the NSP Allrounder series has you covered.

    –  Two plugs on deck to attach PFD (Personal Flotation  Device) for 10’0, 10’6, 10’11

    –  Nose insert for Go Pro

    –   Burgundy or Aqua

    Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
    8’10” 29.5″ 4.375″ 123.3L
    9’2″ 29.125″ 4.5″ 129.5L
    10’0″ 29.375″ 4.25″ 169.0L
    10’6″ 32″ 4.25″ 187.7L
    10’11” 32″ 4.5″ 186.1L

  • NSP Cocoflax Cruise


    $1,399.00 – $1,499.00

    The Cruise design is the most popular board in the NSP range and one of  the most popular SUP’s in the world.

    –  Cruising on the water is the purest experience of SUP.

    –  Suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels, the design features a wider nose and rounded square tail creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning.

    –  The double concave bottom shape delivers glide that makes this a super stable and fun board on flatwater and in small waves.

    –  Available in Cocomat, E+, Elements and P2 Soft construction with eco-friendly bio-resin.

    –  9’8 model has a rounded tail for greater maneuverability.

    –  Red or Natural Blue

    9’8″ 32″ 4.625″ 166.2L
    10’2″ 32″ 4.875″ 205.4L
    11’0″ 31″ 4.25″ 190.0L
    11’6″ 33″ 4.75″ 223.9L
  • NSP DC Foil X


    About riding the DC Foil X Flax:“It’s the silence that really hits you, the first time you lift off”: Open up a whole new world of waveriding!

    Catch waves that refuse to break and fly over the slower sections with grace and speed. Evolved from the DC Foil X, this version is a simplified, eco-friendlier board featuring flax fibre in its rails for added durability. The DC Foil X Flax only connects to twin-track mounting systems as we skipped the tuttle-box to cut weight and price. If you don’t already own a foil with a tuttle, this is the board to go for, as it’s more tunable, more resistant to torque and easier to set up.


    Downwinding, wake foiling, tow-in or windfoiling, the DC Foil can do it all.

    • Maximize every wave with power and speed.
    • With a huge sweet spot for a board this size, this foil board is designed for maximum stability.
    • Features multi foil fin box options strategically positioned to optimize control.
    • E-glass hybrid rail with deck/bottom matt color and polished rails.
    • Full-length uni-directional carbon stringer for added strength.
    • Biaxial carbon-reinforced foil box.
    • FCS II fin system.
    • Diamond grooved EVA tail pad with side and a center T-bar ridge for easy foot placement while foiling.

    Shape of the DC Foil X Flax

    The DC Foil is shaped and designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman. Paired to the NSP Airwave or conventional fins (thruster works best for fast and loose rides), a hybrid works well on- and over the surface. It’s time to fly.

    The DC Foil X Flax differs in design and in the number of foil mounts. By skipping the Tuttle Box and using Flax fibers for the rails instead of Carbon-Innegra Honeycomb, the result is a hybrid SUP board with the same durability and performance of the DC Foil X but at a lower price point.


    Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
    7’6″ 29″ 4.25″ 116L
  • NSP DC Surf Wide


    Beach break surf performance and fun in smaller waves with ease of use and stability in choppy conditions.

    – Single to double concave bottom with a slight vee through the tail makes this board a turning machine in small and mushy conditions.

    – Stable 32″ wide point combined with balanced nose and tail lift, progressive rail outline and bottom shape generates great paddling speed.

    –  The five fin boxes offer tri-fin or quad-fin set ups to optimize the fin cluster for your style or for the surf conditions.

    –  Outstanding strength to weight ratio utilizing exclusive Cocomat technology with eco-friendly bio-resin.

    –  Ideal for the surfer looking for a highly durable, stable, responsive surf SUP to take their performance to the next level.

    –  Shaped and designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman.

  • NSP DC Surf X


    $1,479.00 – $1,699.00

    The SLX DC Surf X is becoming our teamrider go-to-board. Pros and experienced paddlers have come to appreciate the performance of the DC Surf X all over the globe in some of the very best spots in the world.



    The tail of the DC Surf X enjoys some significant changes, like the slightly widened tail. The addition of the four channels in the bottom generates speed, while the swallowtail loosens up the tail for greater manoeuvrability. The SLX DC Super X benefits from the same design elements.


    Single concave ensures speed and agility, which is why pros like Ty Judson and Annie Reickert reach for the SLX DC Surf X when the surf is big.

    • Our DC Surf range now features eco-friendly Paulonia wood deck and flax rails for added strength and durability; keeping in line with our brand’s eco-friendly/sustainability initiatives.
    • swallowtail loosens up the tail, creating that twin-like ride.
    • Straight speed channels provide a quicker route to the tail of the board, generating speed.
    • Performance riders will appreciate the extra grip with our newly designed Thermoformed EVA tail kick pad with center arch.


    A teamrider favourite, developed for riders who’s skills have outgrown larger designs. Get ready for an uncompromised riding experience!


    The 7’2” is a perfect step-up board from the 6’10. It’s fast and turns on a dime. Benefits from the swallow tail and upgraded flax rails for more durability.


    Designed for experienced riders up to 75kg, the 7’8” benefits from the swallowtail and upgraded rails for more durability.


    Designed for experienced riders up to 85kg, the 7’8” benefits from the swallowtail and upgraded rails for more durability.


    Designed for experienced riders up to 90kg, the 8’6” benefits from the swallowtail and upgraded rails for more durability.

  • NSP SLX DC Super X


    Oozing with style, the SLX DC Super X range is a direct result of riders demanding a focus on performance longboarding and exceptional surf versatility.

    DC Super X Design

    The tail of the DC Super X enjoys some significant changes, like the slightly widened tail. The addition of the four channels in the bottom generates speed, while the swallowtail loosens up the tail for greater manoeuvrability. The DC Surf X benefits from the same design elements.

    Flax rails

    The new flax rails and Paulownia wood deck provide extra durability and strength, while keeping in line with NSP’s eco-friendly initiatives. The construction of the rails comes from our Cocoflax construction and toughens up the rails significantly.


    Whether you’re a single fin rider, going for classic style and old-school helicopters, or you are looking for a more aggressive drive, the fin cluster on the DC Super X accommodates. All Super X are available with NSP’s all-new FTU boxes (compatible with Futures® fins). The DC Super X comes with a set of 2 x J3 performance fins and one Wave 6 center fin.

    Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
    9’0” 28″ 4″ ¹/² 122 Liters 7.51 kg
    10’0” 27 ¹/²” 4″ ¹/⁴ 125 Liters 8.16 kg
    10’0” 29″ 4″ ⁵/⁸” 144 Liters 8.75 kg
    10’0” 32″ 4″ ³/⁸⁵” 160 Liters 9.50 kg