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Foil Drive

3M Dual Lock (4 pairs) Adhesive Strips

3M Dual Lock (4 pairs) Adhesive Strips

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3M Dual Lock Strips secure the Foil Drive™ Electronics Box to your board or Foil Drive™ Mounting Base Plate. Whilst all kits and Base Plates come with 3M Dual Lock ready to install, add these to your kit as spares or for additional board use.

To apply new Dual Lock, first attach the new Dual Lock to the existing pieces on your Electronics Box/Base Plate to ensure alignment. Clean and dry, free from any oils you may have used to clean. Peel the tape off the Dual lock to expose the adhesive backing (Do not touch the adhesive), and press your Electronics Box down firmly on to the prepared surface. You will need to press down for 30 seconds, enabling the surfaces to bond.


Dimensions: 1" x 3"

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