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Foil Drive

Foil Drive Parallel Y Lead for Small Batteries

Foil Drive Parallel Y Lead for Small Batteries

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With this Y Lead you can take 2x Small 4.2ah Batteries, join them together in parallel and enjoy your Assist PLUS with a medium capacity!

Want to take your Foil Drive Assist PLUS on holidays with you? With the Small Batteries being under the 160wh energy limit for airline travel, most airlines will allow 2 or 3 on board.

When using the Parallel Y Lead, it's very important to ensure you:

- Only ever connect 2x Small 4.2ah Batteries together.
- Both batteries must be fully charged 100% when connected. (+-5%)
- Batteries must be charged individually, do not leave 2x Small batteries connected with the Y lead when charging. Charge each battery 100% before re-connecting.
- When flying on airlines, all batteries must be disconnected and carried/packed appropriately
- No flatwater foiling allowed. You will simply drain your batteries too fast and degrade them much faster over time.

Important: When flying on your chosen airline, be sure to contact them well before you fly. Please read this article for further direction as to the limitations and safety processes to follow when flying - DG rules are taken extremely seriously and must not be broken.

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