F-One Rocket Wing S 2024

F-One Rocket Wing S 2024

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With its game changing shape, the ROCKET WING-S is redefining wing foiling in the waves. Offering fantastic accelerations for an incredibly efficient take-off, this board maximizes your wave riding time! Once in the air, enjoy its responsiveness and maneuverability to carve like never before.

  • Enhanced shape for efficient take-offs and total control once in the air
  • Stable, comfortable and responsive, allowing committed turns
  • Recessed deck to lower center of gravity for excellent board control
  • Domed front deck to add volume for easy water starts
  • Compact outline on tail and nose for fantastic maneuverability
  • Once on the wave, the ROCKET WING-S is at home. Super responsive, any input will instantly act on the foil. It will intuitively allow you to lean in for your turns and elevate your wave riding to the next level.

    Although of the same compact lengths as their ROCKET WING counterpart, these boards are narrower and with a little less volume, making them more maneuverable in the surf.

    Compared to our previous models, the new ROCKET WING-S have, for the same length, a bit more volume, which will allow you to pick a smaller board for the same volume, or a more stable, larger board for the same length. The compact shape and outline of the board increase its overall maneuverability and performances.

    Volume is perfectly distributed to provide great stability, balance, and control during take-offs or in flight. The domed nose adds volume at the front for easy and fast take-offs, while the ergonomic recessed deck brings you closer to the foil to always feel locked into the board and connected to the foil. The rocker is straighter in the back foot and foil area, leading to a better balance at all stages of the ride.

    Take-offs have never been so smooth thanks to the double concave hull and the beveled rail profile extending to the tail, which facilitate pumping to be up and flying in no time. Near the tail, a pronounced step on the hull and bevels helps release from the water and reduces friction for improved take-off and stronger accelerations. The surf-type nose shape will have you feeling super comfortable in the waves, and help you get back up quickly if the board dives in.

    Finally, the bamboo construction and bamboo reinforcements on the deck create a highly resistant and light shell all-around.

    The ROCKET WING-S range has been considerably expanded, with 12 sizes ranging from 3’6 (20L) to 5’4 (80L). The smaller volumes of the 3’6 and 3’10 are geared towards the Next Generation of wing foilers.

    We are also offering new sizes with different length/volume ratios: 4’6+ and 4’8+. These two boards are wider and, above all, thicker to offer an alternative with more volume for the same length for heavier riders.

    All boards are equipped with a full pad, featuring a new and more comfortable grooving, inserts for three footstraps, and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility. The position of the inserts has been modified, allowing for both a narrower stance and more angle on the back foot to get as close as possible to a perfect surfing position.

  • Riding Style: Freeride / Freestyle / Carving

    Sizes: 20L / 24L / 32L / 36L / 42L / 50L / 48L / 58L / 54L / 60L / 70L / 80L

    Size Dimensions Volume Weight Strap Inserts Handles
    3'6 3’10 x 18,5″ x 2,4″ / 3’6 x 17,5″ x 2,2″ 20L 3.8 Yes -
    3'10 118,5 x 47 х 6,1 сm / 3’10 x 18,5″ x 2,4″ 24L 4.0 Yes -
    4'2 127 х 49,5 x 9,1 сm / 4’2 x 19,5″ x 3,6′ 32L 4.3 Yes -
    4'4 132 x 51 × 9,5 cm / 4’4 x 20″‘ x 3,7″ 36L 4.6 Yes -
    4'6 138,5 x 52 x 10,1 cm / 4’6 x 20,5” x 4″ 42L 4.8 Yes -
    4'6+ 138,5 x 54,5 x 11,3 cm / 4’6 x 21,5′ x 4,4″ 50L 5.1 Yes -
    4'8 142 х 54,5 x 10,7 сm / 4’8 x 21,5″ x 4,2″ 48L 5.2 Yes -
    4'8+ 142 x 57 x 11,6 cm / 4’8 x 22,5″‘ x 4,6″ 56L 5.4 Yes -
    4'10 147 х 56,5 x 11,1 сm / 4’10 x 22,25″ x 4,4″ 54L 5.4 Yes -
    5'0 152 x 58 x 11,7 cm / 5’0 x 22,75″‘ x 4,6″ 60L 5.4 Yes -
    5'2 157 x 61,5 x 12,3 cm / 5’2 x 24,25″ x 4,8″ 70L 6.1 Yes Yes
    5'4 162,5 x 66 x 12,8 cm / 5’4 x 26” x 5″ 80L 6.9 Yes Yes
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