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Onewheel GT S

Onewheel GT S

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Premium power for climbing to the clouds.

The GT S-Series is taking the Onewheel experience to levels previously thought impossible. Designed for riders that demand peak performance, the S-Series not a simple cosmetic refresh. The new 113V system gives riders unparalleled acceleration, increased stability and massive torque to climb, shred and carve on your terms. Feel the flow as you effortlessly climb the most gnarly trails and come back down with ultimate control. 

Coming stock with the new GT Performance treaded tire, you get a cushy soft compound that balances the perfect blend of carvability and stability. The new Lowboy Footpads are slimmer than the GT giving a lower ride height with a nice tail kick to improve control and reduce foot fatigue. The completely re-engineered BMS and battery has been designed to managed your new-found power. Plus, the integrated Maghandle Pro makes carrying the GT S-Series a breeze. But why are you carrying it anyway? Ride it will ya!

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