• F-One Rocket SW2


    The Rocket SW2 is a convertible foilboard ready for all sorts of air-borne adventures. It can be used with a windsurf rig, a hand-held wing or a paddle to enjoy the thrills of foiling.

    1 board, 3 ways to foil

    Wing Foil – Wind Foil – SUP foil

    Great Stability

    This board was designed for the multi-sports enthusiasts, the riders that enjoy the ocean in many ways but have room for only one board, the families where parents and kids like to foil in different ways…

    At 7’0 × 30.5”, the Rocket SW2 comes in a single, compact size with a lot of volume (135 l.) and stability. Accessible for riders of all size and level, this board is a dedicated foilboard with a straight rocker line, beveled rails, a parallel outline and a volume distribution that will match your foiling stance and position whether you are windsurfing, wing-foiling or sup-foiling.

    On the water, the board is stable and easy to lift off. The touch-downs are smooth thanks to the beveled rails and the double concave on the bottom. When flying, the flat deck provides perfect control and the compact size makes it easy to steer and maneuver.

    There are two positions to fasten the foil to the board. The front -fixed- position is used when wing-foiling or sup-foiling. The back -adjustable- position in the tracks is used when windfoiling. The deck is equipped with the smart handle for easy carrying, front and back foot strap insert and a mast track for windsurfing, and generously sized deck pad to fit all disciplines.

    Strong or light winds, flatwater or waves, ripping or cruising: change your rig, choose your style and do it all with the same board – the Rocket SW2.






    213.5 x 77.5 cm

    7’0 x 30.5

    135 l


  • F-One Strike V.2

    $829.00 – $1,289.00

    Much more than a wing !

    Wing foil sensations are beyond compare. The feeling of freedom you get from being the only connection between the wing and the foil is unique. It is thus essential to make the correct wing choice to enjoy the full experience.

    The STRIKE V.2 and its improved design will give you even stronger sensations, no matter your skill level.

    • Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled power, Performance and Comfort
    • Pre Loaded Canopy: Our unique canopy tension allows the wing to keep its shape at all times
    • Perfectly balanced center of traction between your two arms
    • Legendary lightness, essential for freefly
    • Dynamic stability for a fully controlled ride
    • Exceptional forward traction to increase upwind and reduce fatigue
    • Extended wind range, guaranteeing performance and control in all your sessions
    • New sizes from 2.5m to 5.5m
  • F-One Taiba

    $1,899.00 – $2,149.00

    The TAIBA shape combines the length needed to achieve easy take-off with a round outline and a refined rocker line that will surprise any advanced rider by its efficiency and manoeuvrability in the bottom and top turns alike.

    The colourful TAIBA range includes 3 sizes at 9’2’’ x 31” for 139L, 8’10’’ x 30” for 125L and 8’6’’ x 29.5” for 116L.
    All sizes come with a thruster fin setup and the BAMBOO DECK construction that uses a bamboo sandwich laminate on deck for added strength.

    With their beveled rails, subtle bottom V shape & balanced volume distribution these boards have all it takes to surf any wave, with style and efficiency. Only we made sure it’s as fun and easy as ever! The perfect set up for your introduction to SUP Surfing with enough attributes to take you to the next level as your ability progresses.

    8’6′ x 29.5″ 259 x 75 cm 116 L 8.6 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 6’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)
    8’10’’ x 30’ 269 x 76 cm 125 L 9 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 7’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)
    9’2’’ x 31’’ 280 x 79 cm 139 L 9.4 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 8’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)
    9’6″ x 32″ 290 x 81.5 cm 154 L  9.8 kg* GoPro + F-One Handle + Leash Plug 2x Futures + 1 US CENTRO 8’’ + 2x FUTURES® F3 425 (SIDE)


    *indicative value, subject to small variations due to the custom manufacturing process.

  • Hydrofoil Lesson

    $390.00 for 1 person

    $700.00 for 2 people

    $900.00 for 3 people


    Come on join the foil revolution with us!

    With a foil under your board, surfing becomes even more extraordinary. Your board if flying above the water like a magic carpet. On any given day, you can fly with the smooth sensation only found on the best days in the world of surfing. Not to mention the foil increases the speed and your rides can go up 3-4 times the distance you usually surf.
    Open up a whole new world of waveriding! Catch waves that refuse to break and fly over the slower sections with grace and speed.

    Covewater team is offering now Private Foil Lesson with Zac (the Covewater Boat)
    The best way to learn properly how to foil is by being towed at low speed behind a boat. Zac that has been specifically set up for it. It has a board rack and a lateral carbon mast that will allow you to stay out of the wake when being towed. This will enable you to get the “feel of foiling” and understanding on how to control the altitude like flying above water.

    About Zac:
    Zodiac Pro 19′
    90 HP
    2-4 participants max, build with a custom board rack and a custom carbon side mast for towing.
    Zac takes you to the best spots around Santa Cruz and gives you the chance to learn the fundamentals on how to foil at low speed very safely.
    This foil clinic with Zac allows you to learn much faster and safer than by yourself into the waves. By keeping the speed low and consistent it helps you building confidence especially with the assistance of the coach right next to you to provide tips and advices.
    Once you have understood the basics you can start pumping and carving in the wake with a longer rope and at higher speed. You will get the feeling of riding an endless waves for several minutes.

    Intro Foil Lesson and Foil Clinic with Zac are 2.5 hours.
    We meet you at Santa Cruz Harbor with everything you need.
    All equipment provided : boards, foils, wetsuits, helmets, impact vest

  • Jimmy Lewis Destroyer

    $2,009.00 – $2,249.00

    This board design was inspired by my friend, Mike Perry, hence the MP added to the name of the board.  Mike loves and rips on the Striker and always liked the looks of the Destroyer surfboard that’s in my surfboard line (Maui’s favorite board).  He wanted me to do a board that was a cross between the Striker stand up board and the Destroyer surfboard.  After only two prototypes we got the board he wanted.


    • 7’7 x 29 100L
    • 8 x 30 115L
    • 8’5 x 30.5 130L
    • 8’10 x 31 145L
    • 9’3 x 31.5 160L
    • 9’8″ X 31.75 160 liters


    Inquire about color availability.


    • JL Classic construction
    • JL Carbon construction
  • Jimmy Lewis Flying V

    $1,959.00 – $2,259.00

    The Flying V is Jimmy’s latest foil SUP. Featuring max volume and blocky rails for maximum stability and paddling, the Flying V allows the rider to ride a much shorter board than usual for the ultimate in foiling performance. The beveled chine rails provide easy lift-off and touch-down, and the tail lift keeps the tail clear when pumping.

    These short lengths allow for much better performance, maneuverability, and glide once on foil and the extra width through the full outline of the board, especially the tail, gives you incredible stability, paddling and tracking for these short boards.

    The rocker line was also designed with stability, tracking, and paddle speed in mind but also to not “stick” in the nose when coming down from the foil. The tail rocker is also very important in giving you that initial “pop” and water release to effortlessly get up on foil. We were very lucky to work with Alex Aguera from Go Foil who helped us with the testing/development of these boards and gave us expert knowledge on optimum Tuttle box placement as well as ideal stance and foot placement.

    Generally a lighter board will allow you to glide longer on foil which makes our Signature and Carbon Sandwich constructions the perfect match for these boards to keep them very light weight while giving maximum strength and reinforcement for the Tuttle box. The deck pad has a center line as well as two horizontal lines for riders to get an accurate and quick visual reference for foot placement for riding without straps. Board has 5 different insert options for foot strap location and comes with foot straps.

    The boards feature both a Tuttle box and a plate attachment for maximum flexibility.

    5’11” X 28.5″, 4 3/8″ thick, 105 liters
    6’5″ X 28,5″, 4.25″ thick, 115 liters
    6’11” X 29″, 4 3/8″ thick, 129 liters
    7’5″ X 30″, 4 5/8″ thick, 152 liters
    7’11” X 31″, 5″ thick, 180 liters

  • Jimmy Lewis Maestro

    $1,949.00 – $2,2359.00

    Prioritizing stability with massive width, we’ve shaped the board to also glide and turn like a performance surfboard. It’s perfect for beginner and intermediate wave riders, and the width provides the perfect yoga platform. Full nose and squash tail for stability. Modified “surf” rocker, flat bottom front going into “V” in the tail makes for a stable, easy paddling, wave riding board.
    2+1 fin box set up.
    Comes with 8″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites.


    • 9’3″x32″x4 5/8″ (170L)
    • 9’9″x33″x4.4″ (180L)
    • 10’3″x35″x4.5″ (213L)


    • White


    • JL Classic construction
    • JL Carbon construction
  • Jimmy Lewis Striker

    $1,939.00 – $2,359.00

    Low nose rocker for occasional nose riding and great flat water paddling, while the tail rocker and 2+1 fin set up gives the Striker great small to medium wave performance abilities, making this a ultimate all around board! Full length deckpad for posi-traction nose riding.

    2+1 fin box set up.

    8’5″ – 6″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites

    8’11”- 7″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites

    9’5″ – 8″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites

    10’0″ – 8″ JL swept fin and 4″ side bites


    • 8’5″x30″x4″ (116L)
    • 8’11″x30″x4″ (130L)
    • 9’5″x31″x4.15″ (147L)
    • 10’0″x31″x4.25″ (152L)


    • Yellow
    • Green


    • JL Classic construction
    • JL Carbon construction
  • Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun

    $2,059.00 – $2,399.00

    The Stun Gun is the most versatile wave board for decent to excellent waves. Smooth semi gun outline with it’s soft round pin tail makes it hold through quick carving turns. It has a flat bottom all the way from the nose to just in front of the fin area where the “V” starts and flows off of the tail. With that flat bottom there is no governor on the speed and the “V” bottom in the tail allows the rider to lay the board on rail effortlessly to initiate a hard bottom or top turn.
    *Note-very stable for it’s thickness/volume
    5 fin box set up.
    Comes with JL 5 fin set. (allows for thruster or quad fin set up).
    Thruster set size- 4.5″
    Quad set size- Front 4.5″ Back 4.0″


    • 7’7″x27″x3.5″ (81.5L)
    • 8’2″x28.75×3.6″ (99L)
    • 8’7″x29.5″x3.75″ (110L)
    • 9’2″x30.25″x3.8″ (124L)
    • 9’7″x31″x4″ (136L)
    • 10’2″x32.5″x4.2″ (160L)


    • Masao Yellow
    • Masao Maroon


    • JL Classic construction
    • JL Carbon construction
  • Jimmy Lewis Super Frank

    $1,869.00 – $2,249.00

    The Super Frank is the ultimate SUP groveler.  It’s meant to be ridden quite a bit shorter than your normal board and still offer plenty stability.  Flat rocker with a very deep single to double concave for high speed and drive in flat and weak surf.  The outline has the wide point a bit forward coming into a performance thumb tail to make the board very responsive and easy to whip around.  The Super Frank comes in two widths for each length so you can choose the width and volume that best suits you.
    5 Fin Box Set Up.
    Comes with JL 5 fin set. (allows for thruster or quad fin set up)
    Thruster set Size – 4.5″
    Quad set size- Front 4.5″ Back 4.0″


    • 7’6″x29.5″x4″ (100L)
    • 8’x30″x4.2″ (115L)
    • 8’6″x30.5″x4.4″ (130L)
    • 7’6″x31″x4.4″ (115L)
    • 8’x31.5″x4.5″ (127L)
    • 8’6″x32″x4.5″ (141L)


    • Green
    • Orange


    • JL Classic construction
    • JL Carbon construction
  • Jimmy Lewis Super Tech

    $1,699.00 – $2,199.00

    The most advanced wave board in the line. Low volume and narrow. This is our “short board” in the stand up line originating from our high performance short board designs. The rocker of this board fits into the pocket of the wave and allows for quick, tight maneuverability. The single concave in the center flowing to double concave in front of and through the fins gives the board lift and drive for maximum speed.
    5 fin box set up.
    Comes with JL 5 fin set. (allows for thruster or quad fin set up).
    Thruster set size- 4.5″
    Quad set size- Front 4.5″ Back 4.0″


    • 7’5″x26.5″x3.5″ (82L)
    • 7’10″x27.5″x3.65″ (94L)
    • 8’3″x28.5″x3.75″ (105L)
    • 8’8″x29″x3.75″ (112L)
    • 9’1″x30.5″x3.9″ (128L)
    • 9’6″x31.5″x4.1″ (145L)


    • Forsythe Graphics


    • JL Classic construction
    • JL Carbon construction
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